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    used tractor implements

    working at the park... several years ago a small tractor was bought for me to do clean up ...
    implements were (are) expensive. i had trouble getting owner to buy the implements that were needed..
    then owner got tired of me fussing, and he found a fellow "moving on up" to a larger scale tractor who had
    several implements available and owner made a good deal for 5 implements including a box blade, cultivator, disc harrow. that were sized right for the small tractor he'd bought.

    1st suggestion to those who are tractor shopping. if you buy a used tractor try to get some implements thrown in the deal or included for a few bucks more.

    park has a new neighbor... that bought 20 acres and owner showed up with a small zero turn... he saw me working and came over several times to tractor talk. he needs a tractor. he bought a very used yanmar jap tractor with the huge rice paddy tires that i used to see a bunch of... he drove it over to show it off... first comment was... "hey, that looks great. yanmar makes great engines. what implements did you get?" answer none...

    so far, park has sold neighbor 2 implements = a lightweight disc harrow and a small cultivator. going price is roughly half of new and the equipment has more rust than paint... i believe the park has a good neighbor... lots of practical skills. getting serious about maintaining property. conservative politics, and other positive factors..

    tractor prices are increasing...

    some of us live in condos and don't need a tractor, some only need a small garden tiller. good time to be taking care of that need, if you haven't already.

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    I've had to replace a new bush hog style (not the brand) cutters in the last 5 years. It was a red colored not major name brand one I bought new at an auction. Had a goofy setup with the blade- always look at how the blades attach. One broke off and I was told that type of metal was almost impossible to get a good weld on, basically would be welding it on there quite frequently.

    Cuts about 60% field, the rest between rows of trees. But these are designed for "brush" after all. I don't try to take down redwoods with them.

    The first red one was new at auction $775. plus auction fees and misc. crap- figure $850.

    Second one is a yellow-orange'ish one from Tractor supply. Paid full price for it. It's been good for several years now.

    People forget about the oil needed in head of the turny mechanism- don't forget about that. They usually come from places like Tractor supply semi jacked up as far as height of wheel, etc. Be ready to adjust all that or be ready for a lot of drag marks.

    Some family still have a Yanmar tractor Pops bought new in the early 90's. Haven't purchased other equipment from them I know they weren't as great on PM as they thought/acted like they were, and that was easily confirmed checking out the Yanmar as well. However it is still chugging along well with crappy maintenance after 30 or so years. Found the original hydraulic filter in a bulldozer I purchased from them (25+ years old) yet the mantra was "Dad always kept his machines maintained so well." Well I'm no mechanic (he was 100 years ago) but when you find an OEM filter and you know someone NEVER bought OEM stuff to save .47 cents, and the fluid looks like it was from WW2, well then that blows the "so well maintained" mantra.

    So most of these machines will take a ton of abuse, little maintenance, people running them hard when they do run them, and still be good many years later. Or at least that's what I'm experiencing.

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