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09-08-2011, 12:06 PM
Folks ask about these a lot. Figured I'd start a thread with info about them, video and pics and answer some common questions.

Here is video from a night with little moon from a PVS14 "standard" grade, 3rd generation Pinnacle autogated unit.


One thing to keep in mind-

I don't live in suburbia or anywhere near a city- that means their is VERY LITTLE ambient light in this area in contrast to an urban or suburban area where their is a lot of "city glow" at night. Out here it's mainly just the stars and the occasional house light in the far distance as seen in the video. To even film this inside a house wouldn't be overly realistic as things like ghost loads from LED readouts on clocks, DVD players, even the little green light on your GFI outlets really puts out a LOT of light when viewed through a night vision device.

I wanted the video to show as much as possible average "SHTF" type conditions, I.e, electrical grid is down and their isn't a lot of ambient light.

I'll try to remember to take another video of a full moonlight night and a night with no moon. You all know how I am with computers and video cameras, this one took a couple "takes" as it was.

The other thing to remember is I did not use a camera coupler type device. Reason- I don't have one. Their IS items like that available if your goal is to use it with a camera. That's not my main goal ;) I basically mashed the camera lens up to the rubber eyeguard on the PVS14. This makes for some odd shots at times during the video as the eyeguard is SUPPOSED TO BE FLEXIBLE, so when I failed to couple it together well, part of the eyeguard obscured the view in the camera. Sorry, I never claimed to be Spielberg :)

The nice thing about these units is how they have come down in price so much the last couple years. 5 or 6 years ago wholesale cost on these was considerably higher than what we can sell them for now! In other words, it's a good time to buy. Will prices go lower? Hard to say but probably not in the short term. Also, I've found that often times if you try to sell a product like this too cheap, some things assume it's junk. And their is a whole plethora of dealers wanting to stick to their old $1200 a unit PROFIT margin on these that have to convince you that if you don't pay $3800. for the same unit purchased from them, that you are getting ripped off.

More to come...

09-08-2011, 12:27 PM
good movie, great info.!

Matt In Oklahoma
09-08-2011, 07:48 PM
Great vid, theres not even a comparison to cheap units. Their vision is blurry and very limited visual distance.

Patriotic Sheepdog
09-10-2011, 08:59 PM
Great vid LD3. I have seen the cheaper NV on youtube, but this one is heads above what I've seen of the gen 1 and 2's. Thanks for telling us the range of things as that puts it into perspective. The Gen 1 and 2's seem to only "see" well out to maybe 50 yds and then it is real fuzzy looking.

09-10-2011, 09:43 PM
I will say without a doubt the PVS-14 is probably one of the most universal pieces of NV equipment to hit the market. Having used them both at home station and deployed, it works just as well through a NV capable sight (like an Aimpoint or an EOTech) and mounted to a weapon rail as it does when just used as a standalone sight.

Yeah, it's a bit more expensive than other NV sights, but at the same time, you have to pay a little more to buy quality from time to time. And something like this gives you an advantage over an adversary either not using NV or a lower rated (Gen 1 or 2) NV device. And sometimes that advantage means your life.

If someone is in the market for a NV sight, I'd say save your pennies and look really hard at this one.

Nice demo LD3

09-10-2011, 10:08 PM
i've used NVDs that cost significantly more money than a pvs-14 that did not perform any better.

i've also used a $100 night owl.....and its a joke compared to a pvs-14.

09-10-2011, 10:14 PM

03-13-2012, 03:53 PM
Some customer comments regarding our PVS14's

"Thank you for your prompt and professional service. I had a previous order for the same item through %@#$@#planet and it was back ordered twice. JRH has found a new customer. Thanks again."

"Clearly" better (pun intended) than your competitors unit! I'm happy."

"Got the package. Thank-you. Looking forward to doing more business with you soon."

"Prompt emails, all questions answered, PVS14 received and it's awesome!"

"Still don't know how you sell them so cheap, but it's an awesome unit."

We appreciate everyone's business, thanks again!- Robert

03-17-2012, 08:40 AM
One important thing to consider in a purchase of a PVS14 is long term parts availability.

There are a lot of PVS14 LIKE units out on the market. Often times they have names very similar sounding to a PVS14.

At close examination, you'll notice that these look alike units use a lot of proprietary parts. Some of these parts on the look alike 14's may be made in China, Russia, etc. One company out there with an American sounding name, puts together units like that.

What's the problem with a PVS14 look alike unit?

Maybe nothing at the onset of purchasing. However 5 or 10 years from now, finding PARTS for a look alike PVS14 may be a problem.

Whereas if you bought a mil spec PVS14, finding parts well into the future will be much easier. Why? Because the military uses these and they stock tens of thousands of spare parts.

A perfect analogy would be the guy that thinks a Winchester Lever action rifle would make a better choice for a SHTF weapon than an AR or an AK. You can walk into virtually any gunshow in the country and find parts for an AK or AR, the Winchester lever action rifle not so.

Logistics and future parts availability, these play a big of part in choosing a night vision device as they do in choosing a weapons platform.

03-21-2012, 03:51 PM
Got this comment this morning -

"I bought a $3800. unit a few years ago, then I bought an Upgrade from you last month on sale. I should have bought two of the Upgrades from you and never paid $3800. for the other unit."

I'm like the gal on the Progressive Insurance commercials, I love saving people money! :)

05-31-2012, 01:37 PM
Another comment sent via email-

My order arrived last night. I just want to say that the product is just like you advertised and we can't be more pleased. My National Guard Infantryman son checked the unit out and said how awesome the unit is, "no spots". He says that the MILSPEC units that they are issued don't compare in quality to the unit I have. My thanks to you and the folks at Night Vision Depot.

One recommendation. Update your website to show all the tube specifications that are listed on Night Vision Depot's website. I was hesitant to purchase the unit from you until I read your post on the AR15.COM forum stating that your units came from Night Vision Depot and giving the specifications. I'm sure your sales will increase if you provided the exact specifications for your units as they do on Night Vision Depot"s website. Before spending the money I was doing a lot of online research on specifications and product differences. Specifications are a necessity, buyers want to know exactly what they are going to get when spending this much money.

Thanks again for a great product and the quick shipping

P.W. (name abbreviated for OPSEC)

Sent from my iPad

07-31-2012, 05:42 PM
Having posted any of these in a while, here's another one-

I received my order last week. The PVS-14 mono is unbelievable! This is my first night vision optic purchase. I still can't believe the clarity of this instrument at night. Thanks!!!!
Alan L. (name abbreviated for opsec)

"Got the unit in just fines, very clear and sharp!"
John J. (name abbreviated for opsec)

08-10-2012, 07:01 PM
If their is one thing I love, it's hearing from satisfied customers-

Hi Robert.

Thanks so much for all your help with the NVG's They arrived here in the nick of time (Customer was leaving on a camping trip) They are amazing. I was down in Utah camping and they just blew me away with how clear and crisp they were. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks again.

"After a month wait with **** (deleted name of another company) for a PSV14 (customer means PVS14) I ordered from you and it shipped that same day. Arrived fine and it's beautiful. Keith B."

08-16-2012, 10:06 AM
Does JRH anticipate another Black Friday sale on the PVS-14s?

I ordered a Patriot Pocketscope a couple years ago from JRH. The device itself was a little wonky (Not JRH's fault, manufacturer defect) and I ultimately had to return it, but JRH's service was fantastic. Robert was very responsive, and went to bat for me with the manufacturer, doing everything in his power to make it right. I couldn't be happier.

Stay Safe,

08-17-2012, 09:15 PM
Does JRH anticipate another Black Friday sale on the PVS-14s?

I ordered a Patriot Pocketscope a couple years ago from JRH. The device itself was a little wonky (Not JRH's fault, manufacturer defect) and I ultimately had to return it, but JRH's service was fantastic. Robert was very responsive, and went to bat for me with the manufacturer, doing everything in his power to make it right. I couldn't be happier.

Stay Safe,

The Patriot Pocketscopes were a deal way back in the day. Unfortunately as PVS5 tubes (the Patriot Pocketscope used a tube from the PVS5) got scarce, it got harder and harder for the manufacturer to build these. Later, as supply of parts dried up, it got hard to support those units long term.

This is probably the #1 reason we stopped offering used night vision. ALL of the night vision we currently offer, i.e, all that's currently available, is BRAND NEW units with solid warranties.
The warranty on the PVS14 we offer HAS BEEN five years for quite some time. Some dealers are acting like ITT/Exelis is just now offering a five year warranty, that's BS cause ITT/Exelis has offered a five year warranty for many years now.

We'll definitely do another Black Friday sale on 14's. Recently the factory up'ed the wholesale cost on these units. However to balance that we started offering PVS14's with no accessories for less money also. As always, forum members here need only to call up and we'll take care of them as best we can :)

08-17-2012, 10:20 PM
Excellent! I will continue to sock money away for one of these PVS-14 units. Hopefully by Thanksgiving I'll be able to swing it.

Thanks for the update on the night vision: You have many customers so I don't expect you remember my story, but I was one of the folks who got pinched by lack of spare parts. The thing sat at the repair depot waiting for parts for months.

I'll drop a line -if things go well financially- on Black Friday and hopefully order one up!

Stay Safe,

09-11-2012, 10:54 PM
I love getting comments and reviews of these units! Here's another one

Received the unit last thursday (9/06) . Thanks for the fast shipping. The unit exceeds my expectations,incredible sharpness and brightness. Having only experience with the old PVS 2 in the Army and the cheap russian junk sold in sporting good stores this unit is a revelation. I can see why the military considers these units force multipliers. Threw my old russian unit in the trash. No comparison. GR

12-05-2012, 06:29 PM
Here's another

Order received yesterday, got to open it up and try it out tonight. Weapon mount was in the box and all is well. Specs on data sheet were good, and tube/optic performed better than expected for the cost. Thank you very much. Jim. H. Firearms reviewer

In October 2012, 99% of all of JRH Enterprises orders for Night Vision paid with Visa or Mastercard shipped in ONE BUSINESS DAY!!

12-31-2012, 12:15 PM
Oh Great.. Now I gotta start working overtime for this :)

03-22-2013, 08:53 AM
Another one received via email-


True to your word the product was shipped fast and is performing beyond the specs. Thank you sir for doing what you do! Thanks again.

Walter A.

99% of all PVS14 orders in January, Feb and till the 21st of March (yesterday) paid for by Visa or Mastercard and received before 10am SHIPPED THE SAME BUSINESS DAY RECEIVED!!! No three week waits with JRH baby!!! :)

04-02-2013, 08:22 AM

Hi Robert,

This is A. P. In Opsec deleted, Virginia.

I spoke with you on the telephone about buying that night vision scope that southernprepper1 recommended.

I wanted to tell you that I received it really quickly and in perfect condition.

I want to thank you for your personal attention and It was a delightful experience conversing and working with you.

Best regards,


We have been noticing a trend, and it fits with our survivalist thinking of "two is one, one is none." We are getting close to a 50% rate on folks buying a second PVS14 from us after they bought their first PVS14 from us. Some purchase again a week after their first order arrives, some months later, some a few years later. But most tell us they bought a unit from us already and are buying a second one because the first one was so good.

04-19-2013, 08:22 AM
Hello Robert,

My PVS-14 arrived today and I am very pleased with its capability. To answer my inquiry of you, I would rank it the equal of the ANVIS 9 tubes I used in my air ambulance service.

We had a storm pass through so the night was overcast with no moon or stars.. I live out of town but not in a remote area- our lots are large and mine is heavily treed so there is not too much light from civilization. I had no problem seeing anywhere on my property. It was great..

I agree with SouthernPrepper that NVD is a force multiplier and absolutely necessary for survival if the SHTF.

Thanks again for great service. This is a great tube and absolutely flawless.

Billy H.

99% of all Visa and Mastercard orders for PVS14's, received before 10 am are still shipping same day received!

05-24-2013, 10:23 AM
I bought mine from JRH... like diamonds ALL NV tubes have flaws.... I've yet to find the flaw in mine.

Dennis W
07-11-2013, 09:28 AM
I finally got one of these, and they are great. Years ago I bought an ATN gen 1 rifle scope and it was OK. I had it for about 5 years and it just stopped working(would not turn on). I emailed ATN and they said it was not worth repairing, but offered to give me the original price of $500 off of one of there current models, so I bought a gen 2+ unit from them. The gen 2+ was 100 times better than the gen 1.
This PVS 14 from JRH has got to be at least a 1000 times better than the gen 2+. When I first got it during the day, I went into a large closet and closed the door. I forgot to take the daylight cap off the front, and the image was very clear. With the gen 2+ in the closet with the cap off I could bearly see anything without the IR light. So, a gen 1 is better than nothing, and they are real cheap. But with the PVS 14 is the best purchase that I have made in a long time.

Dennis W
07-11-2013, 09:32 AM
BTW, I placed my order midday on 6-1, and had it in my hand on 6-8. There was a holiday and a weekend in there, so 3 business days. Very fast shipping, plus a free weapons mount and eye shield.

07-12-2013, 10:26 PM
We appreciate your business! Thanks again!

Remind me before the next campout you come to and I'll bring you an S and P t shirt.

07-12-2013, 11:17 PM
lowdown I noticed Dave aka SP1 was reppin you pretty good in his last video on the DBAL.. Good Video :) You should do a video on ALL the OTHER uses for NVG's aside from the typical yet always sexy slaying zombies and room clearing. HAH maybe ill do one on how they help you to evade at night rather than engage. I'll just wait until after the Zimmerman verdict then I might have a chance to get some good E&E video using one of your PVS14's..

11-28-2013, 10:13 AM
Another happy customer! I LOVE IT!

I Also bought a PV 14 last week and am now ordering my second. Unbelievable performance. Contact me if you need any more info.

12-29-2013, 09:43 AM
I recently purchased the PSV 14 and it arrived on Dec 23 just in time for Christmas, and what a "present" it was!!!
The clarity, and resolution are something to see. The phrase WE OWN THE NIGHT is now fully understood. The ability to see the facial features of two people and actually tell who is who is phenomenal.
Before I purchased the PSV 14 I had a few questions about the product. The professional, straight forward answers convinced me that this was the product I wanted, and you were the company to purchase from.
I certainly will recommend jrh enterprises to all of my like minded friends.

Thank you all for a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Looking forward to helping you be better prepared in 2014!

02-11-2014, 12:51 PM
Got this from a guy that ordered and had his unit shipped SAME DAY RECEIVED-

"XXXC (Company name deleted) quoted me 6-8 weeks, a guy at work bought one thru them since they advertise on the AR15.com website. I probably would have been ok waiting if that was the industry standard but I wasn’t willing to have them bill my credit card ahead of time. Nice unit, glad to see the actual specs were beyond the MIL range minimums."

04-02-2014, 12:22 PM
So I've always found it funny that a couple of NV dealers like to act like they have "easy returns"


So OVER A MONTH AGO now I get a call from a fellow who believed the BS some dealer pushes about "if you don't like it I'll refund your money right away."

He told me horror stories about THREE units they sent him (he purchased one) trying to make him happy. He described the problems with each unit. These were PVS14's that were sold in the $3K plus price range and marketed as "so much better" than everyone elses blah blah blah.

I explained to him that he was probably getting RECYCLED units that others had also sent back realizing they were junk. If the dealer truly did "easy returns", was he simply going to scrap the crappy 14's? Hell no, that dealer was obviously recycling the crappy units to customers like him. Hence why the "easy returns" on Night Vision is a bunch of BS.

So after numerous phone calls with him and a bunch of emails wherein he was "waiting for a refund" from that dealer that pushes "easy returns" and "satisfaction guaranteed", he kept waiting. I decided to follow up with him as everyone is expecting a price increase from ITT after the first of April.

obert Henry robertjrhenterprises@gmail.com
Mar 27 (6 days ago)

to Andy
Going through my old emails I found the email from you from almost a month ago asking me to hold a PVS14 from you while you were getting a refund for some other unit you got elsewhere that you weren't happy with.

Just a heads up, ITT/Exelis is raising tube prices on April 1st. I'm not sure how fast that will affect our prices, but it will affect our prices at least somewhat.

Just wanted to follow up with you as I won't be able to hold that price much longer due to the price increase. Let me know what's going on when you have a chance.



Mar 27 (6 days ago)

to me
I'm waitingon the arrival of their check, the I'll call you.


Often times you see dealers pushing this "compare ours to others and if you don't like ours we will refund your money" type BS. Folks, this is simply a MARKETING PLOY to try to build confidence in your purchase. As you can see from "Andy" above who is waiting for his "refund" for over a money now, it's all a bunch of Bravo Sierra.

If a deal seems to good to be true, if the terms seem so angelic and the sugar so thick to get you to buy, it's probably BS.

A good product will speak for itself. A good product will have piles of good reviews from EXPERTS in the field.

Be careful who you buy from, "Andy" is still waiting for his "easy refund"

04-17-2014, 01:50 PM
E-mail Address: OPSEC
Name: Jim C.
Phone Number:

WOW! The enhanced version (Customer means the "Upgraded" unit, the PVS14 P+) of the PVS-14 exceeded my expectations. Moon was about 1/4 and the view through the scope was like looking at daylight (except for the green tint!). This unit compares favorably to a PVS-22 owned by a friend (cost on that unit was $11K).

Thank you,
The Quick Shopping Cart Team

Lots of people love these units, lots of experts in the preparedness movement BUYING these units, there IS a reason why they buy from JRH!

01-16-2015, 10:14 AM
I haven't posted any of these in a while- most people post them directly to the customer reviews section of the JRH Enterprises site now. Here's a recent one sent via email for a PVS14 P+ 3rd Gen ITT/Exelis Pinnacle Autogated unit-

Got it yesterday and took it to the desert last time. This thing is amazing! I'll be going camping this weekend so will check it out more. Couldn't be happier. Thanks again. I may be buying another of these down the road. Just not sure between the P- or P+ as it'll be not the primary unit. I'll be in touch when I'm ready to go.


10-20-2016, 11:35 AM
Haven't updated this thread in a while so here goes-

A little while back the factory updated some of the tube grades. We had been getting P+ models that were typically shipping with Signal to Noise ratios of higher than 25, despite the fact that the P+ shows a "minimum S/N of 20.0" In other words, MOST UNITS were shipping with much higher specifications than the minimums listed. This was being done at NO EXTRA CHARGE TO THE CUSTOMER.

One thing we have NEVER done is to juice you for "hand select." Several vendors like to play the "oh you can pay $500. more for "hand select" non sense. What does that really boil down to? Bubba goes to the shelf, pulls TWO PVS14s, looks at both of them and their spec sheet, then they all sit around and laugh over you paying $500. extra for "hand select."

We don't play those flipping games of juicing customers out of every last cent like that.

So at some point the factory realized they could split off the upper limits of the P+ tubes into a new tube category- the High Performance tube grade.
Current "minimums" for the High Performance (HP) grade PVS14 tubes are 25.0 on S/N. I get a copy of and review EVERY tube sheet for every set that ships, let's just say it's VERY RARE to find a tube that actually shipped with a SN of 25 Most are MUCH HIGHER (BETTER) with SN of 27 or more. So your STILL getting higher specifications than the minimums listed in pretty much all cases.

The factory did charge us $50. more for the HP graded units, but like the last two price increases, we (JRH) absorbed that.

So you can STILL get a New PVS14 third gen Pinnacle Autogated unit with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY for around $3K

And no you don't have to settle for a garage build with the knockoff EOTECH tube for that price either. And we all know how popular Eotech/L3 has become the last few years after LYING about their products and the specifications to the US Military!!

Buy the real deal with the real ITT/Exelis tube!

10-04-2018, 02:32 PM
My apologies for not keeping up with the listings of various customers and the Signal to Noise (SN) numbers they have been getting on PVS14 HP+ models. I have worked on the huge pile of these a little bit and they are posted below. I will try to get this all caught up soon.

It's been a crazy busy summer and our FIRST PRIORITY is always SHIPPING ORDERS QUICKLY. Whereas others don't care if you wait 8-12 weeks for a PVS14 (they probably charged you upfront so they don't really care when it actually ships to you) while they "control all aspects" and charge you upfront,

OUR PRIORITY at JRH is shipping your order QUICKLY. And we are proud to say NO ONE has ever waited more than 10 business days to get a PVS14 from us- EVER. And that "long" delay was during a time six or so years ago when ITT shut down for a week during a summer.

Our normal "lead time" on PVS14's is the same business day (get your order in and confirmed before 10 am Eastern) but we quote "1-3 business days" just to give a little leeway.
And when you order from JRH, YOU ARE NOT CHARGED UNTIL YOUR ORDER IS READY TO SHIP. We don't take your money 8 weeks ahead with big stories about how it will be worth the wait, how we are the best, blah blah blah.

It's 2018, and most people above the age of 12 understand that when a company charges you 8 weeks upfront for something, they are using YOUR MONEY to finance THEIR BUSINESS. That is a highly unethical way to do business- no matter how much smoke and mirrors marketing BS the company throws your way. If they are so flipping awesome, they shouldn't need YOUR MONEY to finance THEIR business. Think about it....

Custom stuff-

Need to match up a tube for a bino conversion? No problem whatsoever. Just CALL us. We will need to know specs from your current unit but finding a close matching unit has NEVER been a problem. We've ALWAYS done this and we've NEVER charged extra for it. Although it might be a few more days, it's never taken more than 5-6 days on CUSTOM matching of units.

I just recently got a couple of my personal 14's converted in to the BNVD setup at the factory and they match almost perfectly and it's a professional factory build that works great!

So feel free to give us a call or email if you need specific specs to match up a couple units, or just want a helluva deal on a real factory built PVS14 new with a 10 year warranty (from the originator of the 10 year warranty), that will be shipped within a few days and will be considerably less. Yes you really can have it all!!!

912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

Once again, sorry I have not been keeping current with posting these specs, it's more important to me that orders ship quick than I bedazzle you with marketing I will try to get these more up to date as I have time to work through the rather large pile of data sheets. Robert

Some recent specs-

JA in GA got a unit with 29.9 SN

CR in CA got a unit with 28.3 SN

JM in NC got a unit with 29.3 SN

DH in CO got a unit with 29.8 SN

MW in CA got a unit with 29.1 SN

DP in FL got a unit with 33.4 SN an Arfcommer for sure

CS in KY got a unit with 30.1 SN

BC in TX got a unit with 30.3 SN

CE in UT got a unit with 29.7 SN

DC in TX got a unit with 29.4 SN

SG in NY got a unit with 27.7 SN

JD in CA got a unit with 28.3 SN

AT in FL got a unit with 30.7 SN

SD in CA got a unit with 28.9 SN

BS in CA got a unit with 27.9 SN

LD in CO got a unit with 29.1 SN

AL in TX got a unit with 28.7 SN

WR in NY got a unit with 29 SN

MC in TX got a unit with 28.6 SN

CC in MO got a unit with 26.3 SN

WS in TX got a unit with 29.2 SN

JS in FL got a unit with 29.9 SN

FOB Detachment in AK got units with:
28.6 SN, 28 SN, 26.8 SN, 29.2 SN, 28.8 SN28.2 SN

BP in AZ got a unit with 29.3 SN

MM in MS got a unit with 30.8 SN and 30.3 SN

DC in WI got a unit with 29.6 SN

JS in CA got a unit with 29 SN

DB in FL got a unit with 27.6 SN

09-22-2019, 04:11 PM
Summer time was CRAZY BUSY- got a tiny bit of time so I'm going to try to take a little chunk out of this big stack of data sheets.

Our main focus remains on SHIPPING ORDERS QUICKLY so I'm a little behind on getting these posted.

Of course customers have ALWAYS gotten a data sheet shipped with their PVS14 units from us. Some companies act like it's a "new" thing to give a data sheet with a unit, but it's not. Even if you had ordered back in 2007 you would have received a data sheet with your new unit.

These are all PVS14 3rd Gen autogated HIGH PERFORMANCE grade tubes. All of these shipped within 1-2 business days, with most of them shipping out same day for Visa/MC orders received before 10am. No reason to wait 8-15 weeks on a good story when Brand New 10 year warranty HIGH SPECIFICATION units are shipping right away!

Here are some of the numbers customers have been receiving with HP+ units. NOTE- ALL ARE WELL ABOVE THE 25 SN RATINGS! Get more than what you pay for at JRH!

RG in ID got a unit with 29.9 SN 0.82 EBI
JK in WA got a unit with 28.3 SN 1.32 EBI
JA in MS got a unit with 28.1 SN 0.34 EBI and 72 lp
JA in MS got a 2nd unit with 28 SN 1.73 EBI and 72 lp
ST in OH got a unit with 28.8 SN 1.5 EBI
JD in TN got a unit with 26.1 SN EBI of 0.28
TD in PA got a unit with 27.8 SN Ebi of 0.68
LC in WA got a unit with 31.2 SN Ebi of 1.18
JS in CO got a unit with 28.4 SN Ebi of 1.31
TT in TX got a unit with 29.3 SN Ebi of 1.1
DJ in OH got a unit with 31.1 SN Ebi of 1.33 LP OF 81!
LA in CA got a unit with 28.5 SN ebi of 1.41
RM in VA got a unit with 30 SN ebi of 0.72
AG in WA got a unit with 29.2 SN Ebi of 0.53
ST in OH got a unit with 29.7 SN Ebi of 1.88
JD in TX got a unit with 28.7 SN Ebi of 1.13
JP in FL got a unit with 30.2 SN Ebi of 1.13
AT in TN got a unit with 30.4 SN Ebi of 1.68
DJ in IL got a unit with 27.7 SN Ebi of 1.79
AD in RI got a unit with 31 SN Ebi of 1.90
CC in NC got a unit with 29.6 SN Ebi of 1.87
WS in AZ got a unit with 29 SN Ebi of 1.73
SN in AZ got a unit with 26.8 SN Ebi of 1.04
DH in TX got a unit with 27.4 SN Ebi of 0.95
KC in MT got a unit with 28.3 SN Ebi of 0.57
DD in NE got a unit with 29.9 SN Ebi of 0.81