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10-12-2010, 01:21 PM
Maybe its my approach or that no one in the Raleigh area is interested. Have been prepping for about a year and a half now, knowing that there is a need to form a retreat group with others. Have also known that a retret location is key to surviving socio-economic collapse or government tyranny.

Any one interested in procuring land or know or a group that is looking for members?

10-12-2010, 01:31 PM
You might want to introduce yourself in the Introduction forum. You will be hard pressed to find someone in a forum to say "Come on over buddy". Joining or starting a retreat group takes time and most preppers aren't going to say come in and join my group without developing a relationship to make sure that there is a fit per se. These things take time so be patient. You might try connecting with this group:

http://www.northcarolinapreppersnetwork.com/ as a place to start.

You can also do a search on this forum to get some more info about creating a group and the intricacies involved. Good luck and welcome to S & P, there is a lot of great information here and lots of good people too. Jump in where ever.

10-12-2010, 02:44 PM
Very well said Elittle.

10-13-2010, 10:12 AM
Thanks, I'll start there

10-13-2010, 10:43 AM
Just take it slow. I would recommend AGAINST making your first post on this matter like the one you did above.

Most survivalists are pretty paranoid people by habit stance. A lot of "preppers" have not yet figured out WHY you NEED to have a healthy dose of paranoia. These are the idjits you see in news articles that begin with things like "Nancy Smith on Anywhere Street in Jacksonville says she is prepared for bad times with a pallet of Mountain House food and...."

Bad ju ju.

The OPSEC issue works both ways- you need to try to preserve a healthy amount of it, and the people you are meeting SHOULD do that also. Walking up to another prepper you don't know and asking them a bunch of personal questions- full name, where do you live, what do you do for a living, etc. is a good way to get alienated QUICK.

We have hosted campouts and meet and greets in FL and GA for almost a decade now. We had one guy show up to one and the guy did not strike anyone as someone who would be interested in preparing.

I was sitting near him and he started talking to someone I know. Out of the blue he starts telling the other person what he (the other person) did for a living, where he went to school, where he worked, etc. The person I know kinda just sat there dumbfounded and then said "you must have looked up my email address?" The guy that went too far replied how he "researched everyone" there before he came. I honestly believe he thought that would enamor himself to everyone. BIG MISTAKE.

People WANT privacy and expect privacy.

I brought it up later on the net to the person and he stated that what he asked was what you ask someone you were going to church with. Were we in church? No. "Church" or work is a helluva lot different than meeting others at a campout for a survival forum! You need to learn to act correctly. Just as you wouldn't go to church and be like "Hey Tom, did you get wasted last night or what? Yeah, me and my mistress left that party and went and smoked crack..." That would be outrageous.

In the same context asking people personal questions on Day 1, asking them how much food they have stored, POINTED questions regarding their preps, etc. is all inappropriate. General questions seem to be o.k. "so what do you think about storing food?" But POINTED questions- "Hey man how much food are you storing and where do you hide it at?" are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMALS!!!

Search on the forums here for any "group" related posts or articles, read them, they will help you get started. More of the older blog articles regarding this will be posted soon.

To sum up-

1. Take it slow
2. Keep your mouth shut
3. You have to build REAL RELATIONSHIPS with people over TIME. Your not going to build a retreat group just asking if people are interested in one on the net- sorry, no nice way to say it.

Good luck!