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09-07-2018, 10:14 AM
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I've mentioned a couple of these on the list here before. Suffice to say the higher dividend the more risk, but your not going to marry these and hold them forever.

"To have and to hold" is not a sacred vow for investing....

Look for good prices when the market drops, put in buy orders ahead of time that consider a good discount on current prices and definitely a good bit lower than the 52 week high. Then just wait and see, often times you are surprised when some company news drops the stock price for a short time and your buy order is picked up.

Let's say XYZ company has a 10% dividend, so you look at it cause of the yield. It's 52 week high is $10.00 and it's 52 week low is $7.20 Your probably not going to hit that exact low unless your extremely luck, but if you want to try, put in a "good till cancelled" order at that price. If not, pick a decent range here where you can make some money if you buy it low, say $8.25 to $8.50 That's really just a little over a 10% "discount" or drop in stock price- totally possible swing within a year period. Do a "good for 60 days" order at that price and if it gets picked up, so be it.

Also, a lot of people argue, well 10% dividend on that $10. share price is $1. so if you buy it high you have some coverage. This is true, but you still want a little cushion, so don't be in a rush to buy, put in a low bid and walk away. If it gets picked up, it does, if not, so be it.

Say your order for 200 shares of XYZ gets picked up at $8.25, then within a few months the stock rebounds to $9.75 Your up $300. right now. Do you sell now? How's the big picture? Maybe it's time to pull your chips off the table and pocket the $300. The dividend yield ($200. per year based on hypothetical $1. return per share) would take a year and a half to make up that $300.

Do you sell? What would you do? What's the point you do?

10-01-2018, 03:11 PM
Several of the REITs dropped a bit last week- probably partially due to interest rates and a few had distributions.

AGNC is a decent buy at $18.50 IMO and distributes $.19 a share MONTHLY.

ARR is still over what I like to pay for it, but it also distributes $.19 a share MONTHLY and we have been getting cash from them for years and years now.

The REITs always seem to take a dip around interest rate sky is falling hysteria time, but they have recovered well the last several times.

Given the slow death of malls, etc. I try to avoid REITs that deal with shopping malls and retail centers. Their are some that deal specifically with stuff like nursing homes- a good thing with the tons of boomers rolling in to them for their final hurray.