View Full Version : There is your "hedge" folks-

03-17-2020, 07:06 AM

The S has HTF and how is your "hedge against inflation" that hasn't hedged CRAP in years doing?

Down drastically.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. But also don't get too worshippy of precious metals. Too often suckers in the preparedness movement are taken in by the PM dealers.

My favorite MARKETING SLOGAN has been "precious metals are a hedge against inflation." This is of course implying they never go down and if truly even a "hedge" they would have to go up at least 5-10% per year. Anyone's done that lately? Even people's bragging stories of buying at $7. 'ish last time around in 2006 or so by now hasn't "hedged" anything.

Do you need some? Sure, for diversification and as another option for run in the night scenarios.

Outside of that, don't worship them. They are an INVESTMENT and like any others, can and DO lose money.

Conventional theory and PM dealer MARKETING says they should be SOARING right now with the economy in the toilet. Yet they are floundering...

True hurts.

Bill Foster
03-17-2020, 08:29 AM
I was looking at the markets before they opened today and saw the metals market falling. Why? I assumed that they would be climbing since stocks and bonds were down.

03-20-2020, 07:03 PM
I'd go out and buy some more silver if I could find any in my area, apparently I am behind this particular power curve.

03-21-2020, 09:01 PM
The rumors I've heard about why Gold and Silver prices went down is that a lot of folks had to sell their metals to cover bad positions they had in a crashing stock market. My thought is that if the dollar becomes worthless in a few years, THEN we'll see gold/silver prices spike.

03-22-2020, 08:23 PM
Felt the same way to me Mike.
Problem for folks who want to buy low is both gold and silver physical are scarce.
Paper price is down but it you want physical, it's very high.
As usual with G & S, patience, patience,patience.
G&S, as are guns, are for buying, not for selling