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10-10-2020, 10:55 AM
There is a handful of choices in these but only a few that are actually available from Steiner now October of 2020 - I mention that in case like everyone else you are wanting to get something "before the election" (we hear that every day on the phone so that's why I mentioned it).

DBAL-I2 - there are three variants of this, one that has an IR laser and a red visible laser Steiner sock number 9004 Another one that has an IR laser and a visible green laser Steiner stock number 9003.
And finally an I2 that has an IR laser and an IR illuminator Steiner stock number 9007.

IMO of the three above the 9007 is the most functional. Some like visible lasers but I am personally not a fan of visible lasers.

DBAL-D2 - This model has a visible green laser, an IR laser and an IR illuminator. This is a big ole' girl compared to the other ones.

DBAL-A3- This model has a visible green laser that is slaved together (co-aligned) with the IR laser- so essentially you can go out and zero the visible laser during the day and your IR laser will automatically be zeroed also. The A3 also has an IR illuminator.

OTAL-C- Tried and true dependable but basic IR only laser. No extra bells and whistles. For those wanting to keep common batteries this one is great cause it takes AAs where most IR lasers take CR123s- so same battery as your PVS14 or other common NV. NOTE- the OTAL-C doesn't have a fire button on the unit so if you lose your pressure pad or your pad goes down, you are stuck turning it to locked on/always on mode (aka the Light Saber mode). And in classes we have seen a handful of these go down. So you definitely want to have a spare for this.


Edited to add- Steiner has that MAP pricing policy non sense which essentially requires all vendors to not Advertise a lower price than the "minimum advertised price." This is why you see "call for best price" type of deals- over the phone you can discount it but you can't advertise a discounted price.

What's actually available now (January 3, 2021)- Steiner says late February on the next production run of D2s, so they are unavailable to ship right now. 9007 models are pretty much the same. OTAL-C model you shouldn't have problems finding and A3s have been hit or miss with a few weeks between shipments of those. If your shopping around for a D2 or 9007 I would physically call the company and be sure it's actually there. Demand has been insane for these all year and production from Steiner can't keep up. Or pre-order some place that won't charge you till it ships.

Usage- posted for those that are not super familiar with IR lasers so I'll keep this simple-

The premise is that the IR laser is used as an aiming point for your NV. When people are new to PVS14s they tend to think the best idea is to mount them on a weapon. Doing that creates several potential problems- 1. Arm fatigue- when the unit is married to the weapon you have to have the weapon up in your shoulder pocket to get a "look" through your NV. Looks cool on the movies but go try it for 30 minutes in the backyard! 2. If your working with other people it could create safety issues with "sweeping" or "flagging" others- you hear a noise you swing your rifle to get the NODs in place to "look" and your swept Pete and Todd. Not good. Finally, while you can weapon mount certain devices, it's not the most ideal way and larger caliber weapons can damage tubes. So most people helmet mount the 14 and use an IR laser on the rifle. Then your walking around with the rifle comfortable on your body maybe patrol ready type carry and your turning your head to look around the way God designed versus turning your whole entire body with the rifle up- essentially having to do a "facing movement" to use the rifle with the NV to get a "look" around.

"But won't using an IR laser give my position away to anyone with night vision?"

Yes, but so will your MUZZLE FLASH. And I don't care how good of a suppressor you may have, there will always be SOME muzzle flash. 30 years back we were taught by the old SF Vietnam vets to shoot at small cyalume sticks in total darkness- this was done to simulate muzzle flash and as one guy stated "sometimes that's all you can see to shoot at."

So then what do you do?

Simple, you fire and you move. This negates both any IR issues as well as muzzle flash issues. Even if it means displacing just a few feet, it is still something.

An IR laser- used properly will not create that big of a signature.

"What does "used properly" mean?

That means activate the laser with the momentary switch, fire and immediately release the pad. Do not "lock" the laser on or you will get the light saber effect. This sounds easy enough in theory, but it requires PRACTICE. This is one of those things I keep on students about at our NV classes cause it's a habit you definitely want to get into quickly.

10-11-2020, 02:33 PM
Excellent class and very correct about how to use them.

BTW, almost two years ago, Michigan said don't sucker into the AR pistols with the handicap brace because the ATF will turn around and screw you.

Guess that was good advice.