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  1. Avenger2354's Avatar
    Just adding to the rule of 3 and placing in a descending order:

    3 minutes (oxygen/extreme bleeding)
    3 hours (shelter from extreme elements)
    3 days (water)
    3 weeks (food)
  2. Avenger2354's Avatar
    A great article. I have a prep-minded sister who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who I introduced to prepping. Afterall, how can you ignore the need to prepare for something that you have to deal with every year.
  3. servingbrother's Avatar
    As a truck driver, I can say the roadways will be overcrowded during an evacuation. Many Interstate sections and four lane highways are closed down for one way traffic only. Gas stations and truck stops will be overflowing, so be prepared for extended pit stops leaving and returning. People will travel as far as their money will take them then pull over and ride out the storm where they are. Motels for 300 miles will be booked up two days before the storm hits. We went to Texas during Katrina and decided to buy a generator before coming home. Most stores were already sold out in the Northeast part of Texas. When we returned home, we sat in gas lines for 2 hours only to find out we could only buy $20.00 of gas. So much for operating a generator. "Get prepared","Be prepared", "Stay prepared. Most people I saw before and after Katrina were "unprepared". It's actually a sad site to see.