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  1. Gun_Nut's Avatar
    Great post on the reality of post SHTF. Related to the huge amount of manual labor is the need to prep for the high calorie lifestyle as well. Too many advertisements for food plans that "feed 2 adults for a year" (based on a 2000 calorie a day diet). You will be in a severe deficit when you are burning 4500 + calories a day. We need to plan our preps for all the manual labor. Thanks again for this post as it reminded me of this issue and has me re-evaluating.

  2. Lowdown3's Avatar
    We'll be posting more of some of the old blog articles soon. All will be available later in printed version also.
  3. 610Alpha's Avatar
    we have discussed that as well as how to form one, group dynamics, training issues, common problems, etc. in much detail in previous blog entries. If you missed those, you'll have to get the articles in hard copy from us.
    Can you send me attachments for these articles? I wasn't around to benefit from these articles.

    Man that parable of talents has so many applications, it really came home for me when I went through FPU because it made me realize I wasn't being a very good manager of God's money. I am getting better
  4. 610Alpha's Avatar
    Good starting point. If you can't buck 70-100 lb. hay bails for a half day then you are in for a very rude awakening, I don't mean that is what you will have to do just as an example of the labor intensiveness of living without machines to do all the work. Carrying 5 gallon buckets of water get very heavy very quickly. The one good thing is you won't really have to worry about whether or not your yard is all nice and pretty

    Better hope your soil isn't very rocky like in Missouri, digging fox holes or hasty positions is tough in that kind of soil. Ever dig a post hole? Even know how to work a post hole digger? I don't mean the kind that have a rope attached to them either.
  5. DreamVoyager's Avatar
    Wow, 114 reads & only 1 comment so far... Guess no one from Slumurbia has read this except Rmplstlskn & I? Or they're working on it already. Well, guess I'm a Slumurb, aircraft computer programmer type, just registered, this is 1st blog column/article I've read here. Glad you've taken it so easy on us and want to help/***ist us! I've only recently (un)twisted my distorted reality, recognized the dire economic/political straights we're in & started to read several survival blogs (elsewhere), ending up here tonight.

    My typical problems are, been unemployed almost 10 months (jobs off-shored), underemployed for last 8 years, wife is working steadily, but I need to figure out our Slumurb's exit strategy (Dallas metroplex). I'll be leaving home soon to work on-the-road/contract. Wife doesn't want/care to face new reality. Son in 12th gr. Our other children out on their own, clueless, also 'mad' at heir parents who couldn't provide their full college educations, etc. What a world - like The Matrix. Half-real, half-unreal, hard to adjust/adapt/act.

    I well know we're in for bad times, collapse, depression, likely police state, the U.S. of A. is too far gone to save. (Man, I had to sell all my guns to get to my last job 2 yrs ago! Arggghhh.) I can see we have to downsize more, get next contract, lose weight/build endurance, & agree w/ all you have said, but may never get there in time. Wife is labor-&-delivery/women's services nurse in hospital, good transferable skills. I'm handy, worked on own cars & homes, but still... how to plan... how to make a (new) income myself... (lost home, owing taxes, renting now...) Haven't had the $$ to buy any books on the survival planning subject... just the Internet. I am betwixt, between & beside myself! Yet, 99% of Slumurbia isn't thinking/planning for anything! I'm sure there's not much safety in that number... God, what a mess we ***umed and let ourselves into!

    How can I start a plan? Is it too late?
  6. Rmplstlskn's Avatar
    Good motivation by using reality... A true SHTF event will be harder than most of us can even realize... and I include myself in that group that really doesn't grasp the magnitude... But I'm working on it...
  7. Rmplstlskn's Avatar
    An unstable man is blown to and fro with the wind...