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Keeping your Radio Preparedness not so Obvious.

  1. SR 101: Part 2 Suboptimal Antennas That Will Work

    Time for part 2 on keeping your station hidden. In this section we will discuss how to use 'unconventional items' as antennas, even though they are not the best. We will also discuss the pro's and con's of having an antenna in your attic, and the importance of antenna tuners to your station's operation. Some of the techniques here presented could be dangerous, or could place you in a position of danger. Some of these techniques are designed for 100 watts or less of power. Use caution! First of all, ...
  2. Stealth Radio 101

    This is going to be a multipart Blog on making your SHTF radio station as unobtrusive and efficient as possible.

    Primary Goal:
    Because people with perceived knowledge/stuff will be targets, we want to keep our stations hidden, while still maintaining as strong and efficient a signal as possible.

    I am a licensed amateur radio operator. This information is primarily for other licensed operators who have an interest in communications in ...