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  1. Advice for the new prepper Part 1

    The past few years have seen a resurgence of new preppers in today

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  2. Advice for the new prepper Part 2

    Continuing on the advice for individuals just getting into the preparedness world. Again, this is personal opinions, but just a few tidbits I've picked up over the years to assist me.

    5. Get ready for a lifestyle! Being a prepper is not a hobby or a once a year thing to poke at. It’s a lifestyle. A continually evolving system to better prepare yourself for realistic scenarios you might encounter. But overall, it’s a way of life. Some people walk into a grocery ...

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  3. Heat Emergencies

    Since we are in the middle of summer, let us discuss heat emergencies. I know, a month or so late, but here it is anyway. Please watch yourself during these extreme temps we are seeing nationwide (except some areas in CA as they are having a cool summer).

    There are three types of heat emergencies:
  4. Prepare to WORK!

    We are condensing posts from the old blog site here so that we can do away with the old blog site-

    Prepare to WORK! copyright 2009 Robert Henry

    It's my contention that most American survivalists have no concept whatsoever of the amount of work that will be necessary in a long term survival situation.

    You always hear things about storing board games to "p*** the time." This could prove useful if you had a long term stay in a fallout shelter, ...
  5. Confessions of a closet prepper


    I started this blog with the idea that maybe some of the other newbies would get some ideas on how to inventory what they already have. A key component to getting to where you want to be is to first determine where you are and then figure out what you're missing. I know I'm missing a lot but will make lists and plans to fill in those items over time.

    About Me

    I grew up in a farming community. We had 9 acres and most of our neighbors were

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