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  1. Stealth Radio 101

    This is going to be a multipart Blog on making your SHTF radio station as unobtrusive and efficient as possible.

    Primary Goal:
    Because people with perceived knowledge/stuff will be targets, we want to keep our stations hidden, while still maintaining as strong and efficient a signal as possible.

    I am a licensed amateur radio operator. This information is primarily for other licensed operators who have an interest in communications in ...
  2. America

    These days most of us live in an urban environment such as a city or major metropolis and all face underlining disasters. As we travel through their everyday lives we become oblivious to the underground working of the system that drives our way of life.

    When it comes to disasters everyone needs to prepare for the worst. The difference between America and a third world country is our valuable infrastructure. America
  3. The last ten years

  4. food quality 5 gal buckets

    Anyone know where to get 5 gal food quality buckets reasonably?
  5. Got the chills?

    Well the coldest day in central Florida is upon us according to the local media. Gasp, we may hit the mid twenties and even snow flurries!So i figured it would be a good time to go over some cold weather tips that are relevant to our AO.
    Right now would be a good time to put any gear and yourself to the test. Even if it is in a controlled environment , like your back yard. This way you are near the ...
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