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  1. Fencing thoughts

    Fencing for your retreat needs to be thought out a good bit. Various considerations include questions like:

    "Can a vehicle gear into this area readily?"

    If that's the case then the post size of the fence needs to be bigger in that particular area, the posts need to be closer together, you need to be sure the posts are in far enough and hopefully set in concrete as well. All these little things making using a vehicle to slug an opening in your fencing harder to ...
  2. SR101 part 2b: The Point is to Get on the Air.

    Get On The Air. Usually that refers to a specific ham radio station as part of a larger set up during an event called "Field Day". Field day is when Hams practice their skills together, cook out, and have a good time generally speaking. It's a great place to pick up new ideas for your home stealth setup. As an added bonus, you may discover that some of the guys in the club may be into preparedness too!
    So getting on the air is a matter of having a powersource, ...
  3. Confessions of a closet prepper


    I started this blog with the idea that maybe some of the other newbies would get some ideas on how to inventory what they already have. A key component to getting to where you want to be is to first determine where you are and then figure out what you're missing. I know I'm missing a lot but will make lists and plans to fill in those items over time.

    About Me

    I grew up in a farming community. We had 9 acres and most of our neighbors were

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  4. Rant and reverse triage

    First I want to get something off my chest, then I'm going to give you a little food for thought. I dont want to break OPSEC here but since I work for "Big Brother" anyway, let me start by saying I work for the Fire dept. Im assigned to rescue so my world tends to get a little jaded, catering to the cry babies out there. Don't get me wrong, there are ALOT of truly sick people out there that need our help. It boggles the mind though to pull up to a house, where for example, a mother called ...

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  5. Ideas on Black Out curtains

    I've taken care of most of our lighting needs- now what does everyone suggest for blacking out those windows when you don't want to be seen?
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