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  1. I am a SAP - DB2 DBA on Unix/Linux...but mostly just a tech junkie...can't stop reading those white papers on all that new fancy stuff...LOL

    You are making progress and are farther along than most people out there.
  2. Right back at ya :-) There're lots of sheeple in my group that own guns....scary. Everything from AK's to AR's, etc., with all the toys. Most've had maybe 50 rounds through them....once they figured out they actually had to clean them LOL. Still just a newbie, but making progress...slow but sure. Have about 2 months of stables and ready to get the third month put away this weekend. GOTTA continue on the water situation though. Been on hold putting siding on the house. Once that's done I'll continue. I'm a Unix sysadmin...you?
  3. Its nice to see more IT people on the forum.
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