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  1. got a spammer id is johanhaenes first post
  2. Email me, I couldn't understand all you were asking, hard to reply on these visitor messages-
  3. and is that a good price if i have to pay full price
  4. hey there,its me again asking questions,i trust your opinion and judgement..so when u have a chance would u check out the solar system on ebay for me? the item # is 220740905624..and what is the maxium number T105 6v batterys would t5his system keepcharged up? tks a million in advance
  5. We bought ours from a place in MT called Sunelco. I think they are still in business as I got a quote a couple years back on batteries from them.
  6. is there a place on-line,website,than sells these conserv energy eff ref? if not on line,u kno any distributor that handles them..tks
  7. Not me on the propane fridge. We use a "Conserv" model high efficiency electric fridge. With just ghost loads running and the fridge the amp meter on the inverter shows 1 amp. Pretty efficient for a fridge. But this is 90's tech, so I'm sure they are at least that efficient now.
  8. hey there guy,was u the one who gave me the web site for propane ref/freezers? i thought i bookmarked it but must not have..any info on websites welcome tks
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