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  1. Sorry for the slow response.

    The post came from a listing on a back up of the old drum-runners site. The reason I put "copied from another site" was because it wasn't my original work. What is the correct protocol? Should I have also listed a link to the original posting? Do I just post the link along with a description? Or do you try to contact the web site admin or the original poster and ask permission to repost?

    I am still learning my ABCs of forum protocol. I am one that tries to play by the rules. There may be others out there, like myself, that may need educated. You may want to make our conversation a training post so others may learn also. Thanks for your help.
  2. You put "copied from another site" on a post you made. I asked you yesterday if YOU posted that on another site or if it was someone else's and you didn't reply. You need to make sure it's o.k with the writer before you cross post stuff like that. People get upset about stuff like that.

    A link to the person's work should be the absolute minimum so the actual writer gets the credit for their work.
  3. I started a "Georgia" blog earlier this week but now I can't find it. Help
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