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Rant and reverse triage

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First I want to get something off my chest, then I'm going to give you a little food for thought. I dont want to break OPSEC here but since I work for "Big Brother" anyway, let me start by saying I work for the Fire dept. Im assigned to rescue so my world tends to get a little jaded, catering to the cry babies out there. Don't get me wrong, there are ALOT of truly sick people out there that need our help. It boggles the mind though to pull up to a house, where for example, a mother called because her child got soap in its eye during bath time ( true story). Now here's what goes through my mind: How many cars are in the driveway? Usually 3 or more; How many able bodied people are in the house? Odds are at least 3 , including dad and the mother- in -law; Why didn't you just load your child up and take them to the doctor? I said all that to say this: If you didnt already know,the teeming masses out there are stupid. We don't need Obama care we already have it. You call 911 and a nice shiny truck out there picks you up and takes you to the county hospital where you receive free health care, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Three hots and a hospital bed. This is an example of our system breakdown. Why do I need to work for it? The Government will provide. It doesnt end there. My food is supplied, my cell phone, my laptop, etc, all paid for by someone else. SO... When SHTF guess what? Im going to sit right here and wait for FEMA or whoever to rescue me. I dont need to prep, someone else already has!!! No one thinks for themselves anymore and we as a society have been so coddled we cannot act on our own. If you can stomach it watch a few minutes of reality T.V. It makes me cringe when I hear the stupidity being spewed out and then I think, gee that UNSKILLED person makes more per episode than I make in a year!

Sorry if I offend but now for the learning. Triage in the real world generally starts from those who are about to die, to the walking wounded. Worse cases first. Military triage though, from what I have been taught, is backwards, Walking wounded first, then, the almost dead. Why? Walking wounded can still hold a gun. Those than can still fight are patched up so they can fight longer. Think about that. While you're at it think about this: As a society, how insulated are we from death? How many of us has actually watched someone, who is messed up, as in a trauma, die? If SHTF get ready. and keep this in mind: That person you may see die could be one of your own. What will you do? You can't truly know until you're in that situation. Will you keep fighting? And remember, you have to be the one to take care of the burial duties.

Hope I havent offended anyone or depressed anyone's thoughts, but this is real world people. We are the canaries in the coal mine and the air is dwindling. Is anyone listening?

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