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Thread: Honey or not?

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    I never realized there was fake honey. Could be bad if you are using it for it's anti-bacterial properties. I read an article that states all Chinese exports have to be marked. It may not say made in china, but look for the letters CE on the product (Chinese export). Since the article, I have noticed the letters on a lot of things, especially medical supplies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slightly paranoid View Post
    I letters CE on the product (Chinese export).
    CE started as abriavated words in French (Don't remember the French Term) but translated to basically "European Conformity". But now it covers a board range of things and basically means the product complies with EU laws/regulations... China did (maybe still) mark(s) some of their products that way but the EU is making sure that the products that get CE markings meet the EU laws and no other products. So CE may or may not appear on China's exports and CE does appear on many other countries exports if that product is also intended to be sold in Europe.

    We have some German made woodworking equipment here at the work, made in germany, finally assembly in the US. These products all have CE labels. Its like having to get UL label on products that must meet those requirements here state side.
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    This is my second season as a beek. I harvested my first honey yesterday and finished straining it into buckets today. 72.38 lbs. of raw organic honey. I started with two nuc colonies and now have six colonies. One of these is a wild hive that I removed from a water meter box just hours ago. I am really enjoying the bees. I have two other hives ready to harvest.

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    Well, I recently bought some honey from Aldi's, and when I pulled off the inner seal and took a whiff, it was wrong. It just didn't smell right. It was supposedly organic wildflower honey. I tasted it, and it was nasty. It did NOT taste like honey. I took it back. It was a product of Brazil. I did a little research, and found that after we banned Chinese honey, (that wasn't) they started sending it to South America and re-packaging it. Folk, those local producers are looking REALLY attractive now.

    Honey is an integral part of my health regimen. I eat oatmeal two to three times a week, and I put honey and cinnamon on it. It seems that if you eat the combination, you don't get sick. I've been doing it for 4 years now, and haven't had the flu or a cold since I started doing it. I use probably a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half of cinnamon, and maybe a tablespoon of honey.

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    The ONLY way I've found to get real honey is to find a local beekeeper. It took me awhile, but I've found three in my AO. Believe it or not, they are cheaper than buying it at the store and I was able to take a look at their 'processing'.
    All three consists only of a centrifugal seperator and filters. No pasteurizing, no additives and all three are natural wildflower based. I've been using them for about 3 years now. I use it for baking (bread) and also, like you, for oatmeal about 4 or 5 times a week. Love the taste and health benefits. I usually keep a couple of gallons around for general use.
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