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    soup for lunch... expired in feb. 2010.. what have you eaten,,,

    that expired??

    tell us your experience eating a can of ________ that expired way back!!
    or maybe you opened a quart jar of _________ beans that were put up in 20__?

    today, for lunch, i ate dinty moore beef stew that expired feb. 2010.
    for most of the time since i've had it, it has been in a/c basement. for the last 12 months. it has been in an insulated storage room with no heat or a/c in south georgia.
    i noted that the inside of the can had a white coating... maybe an enamel.??

    it was good. i ain't died yet.

    i guess i should cover us all with a disclaimer... we in no way encourage anyone to eat
    food that aint safe... (in fact, the choice to eat anything is your choice!)
    that hasn't been thoroughly tested, verified, microscoped and authorized by
    the food specialists. because you read something here does not mean its' safe for you to do so.
    ole rockriver might have kept his in airconditioning, and you might have kept yours in the trunk of car in the desert. who knows. ole rockriver mighta just made this up. or he might of developed a stomach of lead from
    eating cast off goods because of his economic situtation. if you try this at home or anywheres you do so at your own risk!! ole RR and the Mrs. and this website, and all advertisers, readers, sponsors, moderators, owners, internet trunk line providers, microsoft, hewlett packard, truthtellers, keyboard commandos, wimpies, girly boys, forked tongue lying pos's, ain't responsible for you!! but we do wish you well... so don't eat something that ain't fittin'

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    7 year old tamales ,,by hormel.

    they tatsed like any other canned tex mex junk LOL
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    I have lots of can goods from 1999 they still taste good although they say they lose some of their nutrition
    but hey it fills your belly something is always better then nothing at all....

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    A couple of months ago, I made a peach cobbler with a can of peaches that was about 2 years past it expiration dated on the can. Tasted great.

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    i ate some deer from 2008 LOL last week as well...and we made a cobblers from self canned pears from 07ish
    Hey Petunia...you dropped your man pad!

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    digging a ditch today.. hot. tired.
    grabbed a water. put it back when i saw a v8
    tasted good.

    expired Oct. 2006.
    it was in refrigerator. probably for the last 10 -12 months. in an a/c basement before that time.

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    Do 25 year old C-rats count?
    Actually, on canned goods that date is a "best by" date. If the can is not swelled or rusty it's good a lot longer than what's printed on the can.
    Lately I have had some 3 year past due garbanzo beans with my rice.
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    Last week an MRE from the early 90's that had lived in my car for some years, and the outer plastic had torn. The M&M's inside had been attacked by sugar ants, but the beef stew was still as good as its ever going to be. The chocolate covered oatmeal cookie and hard cracker were both OK, but the jalepeno cheese spread had been torn and compromised so I didn't eat it. I believe that a major part of the stability of MRE's is because they are irradiated to complete sterility.
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    rice paddy,
    they count!!

    my purpose in this... is to find out... for me and hopefully others..
    mre from ?? early 90's that had been in a car for years.. that is encouraging.

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    we ate C rations in basic training in 1969 from WW2,best i remember,they werent that bad

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