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    found a large plastic jar of members mark (sams) apple juice.
    best by june 2006.

    too big to throw away.
    1 8 oz cup down so far.. tasted ok. will give it a few hours before proceeding, but i think it will be fine!

    initial 6+ years or so stored in cool basement. last 18 months stored in brick storage room with no heat/cool.

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    hunt's snack pack.

    best by july 2009
    small plastic containers of chocolate and vanilla pudding.
    located. and tastes good.
    last 18 months stored in brick storeroom. before that in a cool basement.

    alright.. there's got to be some others that have some old food hidden back...
    and a note from our lawyers...
    oh yeah.. i highly suggest you just trash it.. not safe to eat.

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    ditto on the old mre... just ate one about 15yrs old last month..m&m's disentegrated, Tootsie roll was still good, pound cake was great, jalapeno cheese spread(my favorite by the way) was off color and tasted only slightly off, the entre,, beef stew tasted fine.. Also had some kind of mocha/coffee /vanilla drink no idea on age or even what menu it came from but it was HIDEOUS.. This batch of issued MRE's had been stored in a garage and in a public storage facility in both Kalifornia and Idaho. Temps ranged from 110+ to severly frozen(Idaho winter). They were not pampered AT ALL.. I wouldn't want to live on them but it does show that our stored food is much more resilient than many "experts" want us to believe.

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    Does any an 5th of vodka form ww2 count. Jk. I ate some can meat form 2007 a few weeks ago, threw up every where after, not joking made me sick.

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    do you remember what brand? kind?
    i've got a dak that i'm thinking about opening...
    maybe it'd make good fish bait?

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    Not really it at my cabin, but if smell bad don't eat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev80 View Post
    Does any an 5th of vodka form ww2 count. Jk. I ate some can meat form 2007 a few weeks ago, threw up every where after, not joking made me sick.
    maybe it was the vodka!

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    "No, you are a hallucination brought on by alcohol... Russian vodka poisoned by Chernobyl! " sorry, I thought of Scrooged when I saw your post.

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    New Millennium Bars

    While we are on the subject of out-of-date foods...I found some MREs that I had hidden from myself. Under best conditions, they would have reached their out date in 09. I tossed the main meals, 9 years old is old enough, saved the heaters and the condiment packages (can't see where spices or Tabasco can go bad). But I do have a question. There were New Millennium Bars in the MREs. Their expiration date is 2008. Does anyone want to take a guess if they are still safe? 5-years over seems like a long time, but what in them could go bad? They are still a vacuumed brick like the day they were new.


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    i've tried a lot of food bars of various ages.. if the container was a metal foil they were ok.
    if the container was a paper type packaging, i would eat it if it was a year or so past date.
    if me,,, i'd take a small sample first!

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