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    Might want to talk to someone about the 100 year flood plane does in that area. I know the place I lease in WVA lost a state constructed bridge (concrete and steel) and part of the roadway when back to back 100 year floods happened.

    I'm a little out of my league with this one, but if you wanted to try to do something temporary only for a few years, use rough cut lumber as described and pour a concrete post in the center if you had too. The engineer book seems like the place to get that sort of information.

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    If this is not a controlled (by .GOV stream) you could even build a floating bridge that rises and lowers with the water. It is also in the FM. Only diff is what to use for floats and the on ramps and you have to cable it off. A friend of mine used an old pontoon boat stripped down to the frame He drives a tractor over it and it sits in a huge ditch for crops. Most of the farmers use pre stressed concrete spans that are dug into the banks on either side. I think all that is in the FM.

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    get a 40 foot flat bed trailer and use as bridge deck, build up either end with concrete and rock to ramp up to the bridge.

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    My 2 cents, is really consider the approach ways. I've seen a few Farmer built bridges become useless when the approach ways washed out in a flood.
    A friend built one out of an old railroad flatcar. He set it on rock & concrete piers.
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    Rock river
    Did you ever get anywhere on the bridge?

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    Was in farm country the other day . We have had some bad storms. A field I go by had the culvert washed away. I watch the farmer bringing out what appeared to be a bed of a short semi trl . with a big tractor. He drove up to the ditch and with the help of a couple guys lined this thing up and dropped it across the ditch. It had the frame on the bottom was made of alum decking, then he drove this big 8 foot wide tractor over it to the other side . At that point I was in awe and went on my way to the inlaws.

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    I have seen trees dropped to create bridges.

    Being a wood guy, I would "Laminate" wood into an Arc shape to cross. Laminating wood creates very strong beams, then using an arc shape can make the bridge even stronger. It would take a little time and LOTS of Glue. You could create a bridge that, with a little love every couple of years to retreat with water protection, would last a lifetime.

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    Driving to my in laws I spotted another bridge idea. This was not a huge drive but was about 5 foot in dia. to fit the ditch. Like a culvert but this guy got it for free from one of the gas well plants in the area. It was the condensing tank . about 4-5 foot around . This fellow cut out the ends and was left with a steel tube about 20 feet long. I kinda wondered because no ribbing. BUT he had stacked ready mix bags at each end dug into banks and had re rod driven down to hold bags all upright. During the week it rained so I thought bye bye culvert. Nope the rain/moisture set up the bags hard as rock and stuck together. He had a truck backed up to it and was dumping fill in around the tube. It seems the ready mix bags hold the round shape of the tube and stops it from collapsing. I will hold judgment until a couple years pass, it is a Idea.

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    Did a quick search for Combat Engineer handbooks etc. The newest free download is listed first - the oldest (1941) last

    Field Manual 5-34
    4 September 1987

    Field Manual 5-34
    30 August 1999
    Engineer Field Data

    Field Manual 5-5
    11 October 1943
    Engineer Field Manual

    Field Manual 5-5
    31 Januaruy 1941
    Engineer Field Manual

    Now to "Bubba Engineer" it
    - find a junked mobile home - the longer the better.

    IF you can get it for next to nothing - tear off the home, keep the frame, take the wheels off with idea of putting them back on.

    Frame is on the ground - fill the frame with concrete - put the wheels back on - tow it to the creek - put it in place.
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