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    Smile Using Freeze dried food/suppliment reg. meals

    I have been a big user of freeze dried food since 1970, when I first ate LRRP rations. My favorite is chicken or beef stew made with leftover pot roast etc. You get the Idea.
    I also take the same mix and add more water to make it soupy then add bisquick dumplings and cook per label on box, this makes a great dinner and extends how many people you can feed.
    The rice dishes have enough flavor out of the bag that you can add almost the same amount of rice and still keep the taste. I have asked mountain house to come out with a veteran's case of mixed mil rations aimed at the military, no interest there. what have you used your food for, or do you only store it and never eat it.? My poor kids ate it often because my wife and I were often gone to work or deployed, and pouring hot water in a bag was easy. They still eat it and both are in the 30's. There wife's thought they were nut's , at first but came around.
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