Flat, that's me.
My chest rig is Unger 10lbs.
Basic 4 May UW gear rig.
I carry 4 mags, two cats on it.
Two more mags ride on my belt.
Along with ifak,knife,sidearm and two reloads.
One GP pouch that holds random. Gloves,ear pro, compass maps. Bunch of stuff I can fit in clothing pockets honestly. But
Whos to say what ill be wearing.

My main goal was to shift the weight,balance and reduce it.
Having 20lbs of my chest wasn't doing my back favors( I have an injury) so I down sized,spread the load out. To my belt and also to my pack.

Its like anything else,more you use it. More you figure out what you need vs don't.

Terrain here is key as well. And imho light,fast is the way to go.