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    i do some volunteer work at a local park at the arboretum... or some such name...
    very very few folks go there. most have forgotten this park exists!

    they have one fig tree... it produces very well, but it is old... but as it does each year, it is producing!
    figs came in this week.
    and well, just to be a good steward, someone has to pick them!

    about 3 years ago, i decided the park needed a new fig tree or 3...
    3 new trees were planted. they were about 2 feet high.
    1 is about 8-10 feet and loaded with very large figs. must be a different variety than the oldie goldie. they aren't getting ripe yet.
    1 is about 4-5 feet high and has figs but it won't be a huge producer this year.

    1 is dying? it had gotten about 5 feet high and was looking good for production this year, but 2 months ago it started suddenly deteriorating.
    i don't know why. i can walk up and twist a limb off, without any trouble...

    the first tree has a depression in the ground on the uphill side... rain water can gather there.. this is the only reason that i can see that it is prospering.
    i added a lot of mulch to each tree 2 years ago... maybe i let the mulch get too close to the one that's dying?

    bottom line...
    plant yourself a few fig trees! a wonderful treat to eat!

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    update on fig trees.
    the new trees mentioned above have grown big... "first" tree is 15 'high and produced huge green figs... we didn't pick them last year because they didn't turn brown.... the deer got them.. now we know that these are green figs!! never heard of such!!

    old tree mentioned above did die.... that's a shame because it produced wonderful big figs... tree just was old..

    this year went to a friends house and got 4 sprouts... new fig trees growing nest to old established fig tree....
    sprouts are about 2 feet high. we obtained about 8-10 inches of roots when we dug them up and planted them at local park,
    they are now showing new growth... guessing it will be a 2 year time before they produce?

    go get ya some... can be had for free!

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    We had to put fences around our fruit trees because of the deer. They will eat leaves, branches, fruit, anything they can get even though we feed the ungrateful buggers.

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    i like figs... sounds like a wierdo statement! but i assume they are good for me and love to drive by on the mower and grab a couple...
    the wife is on her 3rd round of drying them for use later... we had 2 machines. one quit on us... we need to replace it.

    the following video has huge info you might want to watch... i have never heard of most of his terms. i never heard of a fig wasp before.

    one comment... it appears these trees like huge amounts of water... the tree planted where rain water flows/accumulates is growing faster.

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