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    chevy trucks on sale

    usa motors a.k.a gm must have made too many trucks?

    an associate advised he got 27+% off on a new truck.
    I've seen ads for 20%

    for decades, if you could get 9-10 % you were doing good..
    27% !!!

    great for the consumer... but makes you wonder what the back story is.

    maybe, they were just plainly "overpriced"

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    I read the fine print on some of their commercials...$32000 for a stripped-down truck.

    Gotta lean toward your "overpriced" theory!
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    its getting to be end of 16 model year... ads are popping up for dodge, Nissan, ford... I don't remember Toyota.

    the common gm ad was a lt crew cab. associate did confirm that the crew cab was cheaper than the "extended or half size cab"
    (I forgot the official name they use now)
    he didn't need the crew cab, but with the gm sale the crew was thousands less than the extended cab!

    here's his detail..
    48,500 truck less the 20% =9700 off
    and they didn't deduct it from the list of 48500. they deducted it from one of the invoice prices...
    supplier pricing, or invoice "cost" or ?? only a little above gm employee pricing...
    so 45000 (I need to play with calculator to see if this bottom lines 27%!)
    4500-9700= 35300

    yep... still a lot more than a regular cab long bed WT. (like I drove for work for decades!)

    what I think happened is that the dealer gets a certain number of "blue light special " or "super discount tags"
    that he can use where he wants to use it to help seal a deal.

    makes me wonder what my old Chevrolet would bring... ??
    associate tells me that his gas mileage is much better than his old truck!
    even though new one has higher hp engine.
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    To me, ZERO or 1.9% APR is the most important factor in buying a new vehicle... Price is second, but still very important.

    Back in 2012 I was looking for a USED truck that could haul a trailer, as my FJ Cruiser (which I LOVED!!!) was a wimpy tow vehicle, so I went looking for a USED truck... I ended up buying a brand new Toyota Tundra 4x4 Rock Warrior with tow package with 0% APR... ZERO! And got it for a great price. Buying NEW with 0% APR was less money a month, for shorter period of time, than if I bought a used one with 35k miles already on it...

    I am now about 1 year from it being paid off and it only has 55k miles on it and the used sale value is over $20,000. I am one of those that think the sky is not immediately falling, even back in 2012, and some DEBT is unavoidable if you want to play the system and get good things that will have a LOT of life in them by using the banks money to do it, and they get 0% APR for their kindness. LOL!

    I took my gamble that all would hold together for 5 or 6 years, and so far it has paid off.



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    We've recently been back and forth to Pensacola area multiple times in a few weeks. All we've seen on TV's in hotels and heard on radio was commercials for Chevy dealers and this promotion. So it's everywhere it would seem.

    It is getting to the time of the year where you should buy- closing out last year model and starting to get in new year model. Wait another month or so if possible. Be flexible in the exact car and you can usually save a ton.

    www.edmunds.com has changed a lot over the last couple years, but it was always a good buying tool. Local dealers will contact you, some are just simply a waste of time- coming in higher even than the price shown. We found that a 2 hour drive to one of the bigger dealers (who didn't seem to bother you as much also), always nets us a couple thousand dollar savings. Yes, you'll have to pass on the free oil change deal unless you think a free oil change is worth a couple hour drive later, but oh well.
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    I had to bite the bullet and purchase a newer truck. I sold my two Jeeps and I had been saving for the past several years. When it came time to shop, I was looking for a two-year old truck. I am fine with letting someone else take the depreciation. My local Chevy dealer had a nearly new truck, 8K miles, like I wanted for cheap. It had a problem that could not be repaired to the owner's satisfaction, so they gave him a full trade in on another. The problem was finally repaired, but the truck was considered a "buy back" and would have a tainted title. It's a great truck and gets 20+ mpg because of the engine management system; V8 when needed (355 hp), v4 when not. Two free oil changes, but their price on the oil change is so reasonable, I let them do it. 8 qts. of synthetic oil plus a filter. Yes, 8 quarts. Even though no one has changed oil in my vehicles for the past 40 years, they get the job. Their price is only 5 dollars more than I can purchase the parts for, and they rotate the tires. This is not a mega-dealer, a local small town dealer. Nice truck that does what I want. 14 Silverado, 2wd. Smart shopping got me a new truck for the price of a 2-3 year old. BTW, the title is not marked!

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