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    This post could be in training, the armory or gear.
    I have reached the point in life where I need glasses for most everything. I came up with a lens strength that works viewing my sights and targets, but I haven't found a good combination of prescription glasses and eye protection. Of course I purchase poly carbonate lenses, but there is no upper or side protection. Does anyone make prescription safety glasses? Are there googles that will go over classes other than the old clunky work type?

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    I've heard that you can get prescription lenses made for some of the military eye pro like the ESS and similar. Don't know for sure as I've never done it.

    The "impact resistant" ones most eye glass places sell supposedly are good for "racket ball" and similar. That would be a good option if nothing else.
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    Thanks, ESS has lens inserts.

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    There are a number of companies that make safety eyewear for those of us who need prescription lenses. Just get your prescription from your optometrist. Companies can fill most prescriptions.

    Just one...

    I used to wear prescription goggles for playing racquetball. I see if I can company that made them.
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    Thanks Tackleberry, I'll check them out.

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