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    I don't know if Lowes and Homo Depot has changed their policies or not, but you used to see a LOT of lightly used generators returned right after a hurricane. The stores would usually discount them a good bit.

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    Returns...that's how I got mine. HD store had 2 returns that were never started. I offered the manager 2 for the price of 1 and he agreed. Score!

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    I have a generator with Briggs engine. Highly dependable and not so expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
    understand jimmy,

    for future reference for all.
    we are having some concrete work done...

    guys showed up with excavator, tools etc.. today.
    the first thing that they took off the truck was a champion 1800.
    it looked like they had used it for a boat anchor...
    it cranked right up and they started cutting boards...
    I started to tell them I had electricity inside building, but decided to watch the generator perform.
    I asked about it... and got a very positive response.
    I know this is anecdotal, but I have a Champion 4/3.5kW generator which I really like. They are indeed made in China, but they have US based customer support, with spare parts available in the U.S. I'm not a salesman, just a satisfied customer.

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    Just a few more comments on the Predator 8750 we bought:
    -Starts first time, every time and will run for about 12 hours on a full tank at 50% load
    -Already set up with power inlet box in an outbuilding and tested successfully to backfeed and run everything at the same time (including central A/C) except for the water heater and electric stove. We could flip a couple breakers and keep hot water and oven but hurricanes come in the hottest months of the year so we can live without the oven.
    -Just make sure to run it completely out of gas if just testing to reduce gas tank rust issues reported by others. We keep SeaFoam in all of our storage gas.
    -At <$600 including the wheel kit and inlet box, we are pretty happy with this setup.
    -We still have a Coleman portable that outputs 3500 running watts that we can use for....whatever, like if we don't want to run out to the outbuilding to flip the switch

    Harbor Freight has these on sale all the time, and hurricane season starts again in 4 months.

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    My champion would not start this AM. -20 degrees, AHH!!!. My fault though, had not changed the plug in couple years and I just took out the spark arrester as in the tool shed, exhaust goes out a 6 inch cage blower. Changed plug , no spark arrester, started right up. Had a spare plug taped to the frame. I do love the remote start when I have my BVD,s on. Mighty cold in DA UP.

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    jimmy, with your comments on rv and some associates...
    you've got me thinking...
    some travel trailers and small motor homes have generators...
    and these things go way down in value as the years go by...
    so ... just some thoughts.
    1.. you get a generator and fuel storage... could operate from propane, or gas or diesel...
    2. which ever fuel it operates on, there will also be a built in fuel tank maybe 20 gal propane. maybe 80 to 100 gas/diesel.
    3.. comes with cooking facilities.
    4... extra sleeping quarters.
    5... mobile... either tow behind the pickup/suv or has it's own power to travel
    6... option to use stationary.
    so, all the above sleeping, cooking, weather protected, energy producing mobile unit.

    in our area, the real cheap ones are referred to as "something for the deer camp."

    so. something else to add to my ever growing shopping list!

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    "so. something else to add to my ever growing shopping list!"

    Always glad to help wherever I can LOL. Mine is multiple use...wife grew up RV camping so, it keeps her happy. Gets me outta the 'burbs at least a few weeks out of the year. It's stored off site so, I keep some LTS food in it as a 'stopping point' on the way out of town. Not a real cache, but it's in a locked storage lot.
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    Big storms today with a widespread power outage - the AC and everything else is on because we have a generator that's got enough power to run the house (extremely reliable Predator 8000)! This is a good test run for hurricane season and whatever else comes along. I ordered a 1000v UPS for the TV etc because the living room has none (old one bit the dust); overkill is better than losing a $2K TV and associated electronics.

    We have a Kohler 5000W generator in our motorhome. It's probably as old as the mh (1996) but it's a champ! It won't power the house but it will power everything in the motorhome and the AC out there runs cold off the generator. I could live in the mh but I'm not sure it will hold up to all my toys and accessories.

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    Another power outage tonight but didn't run the generator. Only an hour this time but if a thunderstorm is going to kill power it could be a really long summer...

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