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    ASG book reviews

    I was at my local big grocery store here in Florigabama today when I saw two new (to me) magazines from the makers of American Survival guide. One was Prepper Emergency Survival Manual. The other was Doomsday by the same ASG. Each magazine was $9.99. As I dropped 3K yesterday at the hospital, $20 for magazines was not in my current budget. Both mags are available in .pdf format to review for the low price of free.



    It is stated that one should use this preview and then purchase the magazine. Like most of you, I miss ASG, so as soon as my bills are payed, I will order them for my library.

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    Unfortunately it's nothing like the old ASG.

    They would do well to fire all their staff, most especially their retarded sales people, find and hire Jim Benson who successfully ran the old ASG for almost 20 years who knew how to make a survival mag successful.
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