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    How important is it to you?

    The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) tests and rates soft body armor and plates against various threats and certifies them if they pass.

    This is where you see the terms "NIJ CERTIFIED" on certain types of armor.

    This process is rather long and involved, can take six months or more and can cost $25,000 to $50,000. from what I've been told.

    So of course some places try to cut corners on that. This is where you hear the terms "NIJ COMPLIANT."

    However, "compliant" does not mean CERTIFIED. Certified means tested by the NIJ and met all their rigorous testing. Compliant is more or less built like those that have passed this test.

    How important is this to you? Those that have armor, is it compliant or actually certified?

    Would you buy "compliant" plates if they were $100 to $150. less than similar plates that were actually NIJ tested?

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    Nope, wouldn't buy the cheap one.

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    I wouldn't.
    But. I'm cheap. So.......
    Ar500 from Joe's one stop shtf shop...
    Ar500 from tier 1 certified tactical with certification from nij.
    Both being identical.

    Moving to composite armor....I'd say only those certified.
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    hmm... this sounds like a piece of equipment that could be "critical" so the certified would be the way to go..
    but ,,, i just found out that i have about .02 percent blood that indicates i have "tight wad" tendencies.

    and that that characteristic comes to the surface easily...
    so. hmm... save 150 that i could use for 50 gal of fuel?
    "sir, could i hold that jacket that is a little less. i wonder if it would really fit ?"

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    But the cheap ones are guaranteed for the life of the user...

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    I decided against buying any. Too old to run, too worn out to get off more than a magazine, have other more pressing needs for limited resources.

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    some folks catch a lot of flack... so maybe that would be something good to have.
    a jacket that might stop some of that!

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    I have known the founder of second chance body armor for 30 or so years. But I wore his armor for over 30 years. NOT certified because it did not have a water proof cover which if it had it would not breath so he would not do it. I'm sorry to say he sold the company years ago . he did start another but ?. Anyone who will shoot himself with his own armor on !! I will wear it. Couple years ago I took a 33 year old vest of his and shot it with 5 different pistol calibers . NONE went thru. Another co vest of same vintage failed 5 for 5. I could at least be a bit cooler and move better in the old second chance vest.

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