BNVD Conversion from two PVS14's

Got two of these- 14convert.jpg

Get them converted to this- bnvd2.jpg

I decided to go this route for a couple of my PVS14's for several reasons.

First and foremost I had a couple of PVS14's that were close in specifications. Ideally you want a couple of closely matched tubes to do this type of thing. Something to think about if you ever buy a 2nd PVS14 is to try to get the 2nd unit to be as close as possible to the first unit you have with specifications. Normally this is not an issue, just call or email with your specs and it's nothing to closely match them. It can add a few more days to a PVS14 order to find a closely matching tube, but I've never seen it run more than six days.

A factory conversion to a BNVD setup was chosen for the conversion. I wanted a true to form BNVD setup, to include the "Tactical Monocular Cutoff”, which turns off power to each channel of the binocular whenever a channel is rotated up out of the users’ line of sight. I find this feature particularly handy as I was brought up on monoculars and prefer a monocular view at times. When I want a monocular view, I simply roll the right hand tube assembly up and it cuts just that side view off- voila! You have a standard PVS14 type view. When I want a dual tube view, I roll that tube assembly down and have a dual tube view. And these are properly done- you roll one tube assembly up it will NOT be moving back till you move it back. This is truly the best of both worlds!

Cost was a factor for me as it is for most people. Because I already had two PVS14's, the only cost was the cost of the conversion. I'm truly impressed with it, there is NO WAY someone could "DIY" aka home brew something that looked this good and felt this solid. Speaking of cost- you also get back the remaining parts from your PVS14's, which you can sell to recoup some of your cost of the conversion! Pretty damn nifty if you ask me.

The single gain control is handy to avoid having to make gain adjustments individually for each tube. The gain control on the standard BNVD conversion is done via the same type of knob used for gain control on your PVS14. Indeed all the adjustments and functions are similar. The unit is submersible to 66 feet and still uses 1 AA battery or an optional battery pack setup.

The only thing that will be different is that the BNVD uses a dovetail mount, so you may need a new arm for your helmet mount.

I've been extremely impressed with the quality of this conversion of my two PVS14's to a BNVD dual tube setup. So much so we decided to start offering these conversions to retail customers.
Pricing is as follows and ALL prices are for the customer providing two PVS14s for the conversion-

The upgrade kit price to convert two PVS-14s into a standard weight 585 gram BNVD is normally $2800+. on sale now for $2,500.00

To convert two 14s into the 475 gram UL-BNVD-SG is normally $3800. on sale now for $3500.00

To convert two 14s into the 435 gram MINI BNVD-SG, AA housing is normally $4100. on sale now for $3900.00

Keep in mind these are all factory built systems, not garage build or home brew non sense. You will receive back and high quality professionally made BNVD with a high resale value!
Get your data sheets from your PVS14's in hand and give me a call or email and we can get you started!!
912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480