So if you watch Duck Dynasty there is an episode where Willie gets some Biltong, South African cured meat. I had also heard about this meat from a Survival Podcaster. I decided to finally try it.

It was in Oct or Nov and it was pretty cold in my area. I hung the meat up in the basement with a fan blowing over it. We also had the dehumidifier running in another area of the basement to remove some water. Every video I had seen on making biltong it took 4-6 days, for me it was done in like 2 and I probably should have pulled it between 24-36 hours.

I also used to much pepper imo.

I had bought some biltong late in 2017 and it tasted really good.

Anyone else venture into curing their own meat?

I used apple cider vinegar, coriander, & pepper. Cut into 1" x 1" strips about the length of a babies arm. I think I should have cut them a bit wider maybe 2 x 2.