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    The Dark Secrets of SHTF survival- Selco's book

    Put this in my Amazon cart as an impulse buy. Glad I did. Probably the best survival/preparedness related book that I've seen in a long, long time!

    First off ignore any reviews with the cry baby idiots that pi$$ and moan about his grammar, that English is his second language blah, blah blah.

    These are the types that are probably looking for fairy tale BS and "lists of lists" and more of the same "prepper" non sense that has become background noise since about 2005.

    There are no "lists" in this book. Quite the contrary he at times talks about how people try to solve survival problems with consumerism- something we have described on more than a few occasions in the last 20 years.

    He is very frank with death, torture and living conditions. It's not a "how to be the savior of your subdivision and have everyone love you" BS fest. He talks about how at times the neighboring houses were shooting at each other, and a pic shows he doesn't mean 300 yards away but literally across the street!

    Parallels between the situation there pre collapse and the situation in the US are evident-

    Page 42:

    "I have lived in a system and country where we believed that we are all equal. Different nationalities, different religions, etc. Mated all together to make one "big and prosperous" nation, to be great and equal... united.

    And then leverage of world forces simply changed, and suddenly we are being taught that differences between us are more important than similarities and "one nations", old battles from history are been taught again, ONE GROUP SUDDENLY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OTHER and so on and so on. (Emphasis mine).

    Sound about right?? Yeah....

    Under trade- something I've always discussed for the "I'll give someone a cookie if they work in my garden all day" non sense or similar "get one over on you" type of trading-

    "Or even worse, he shot you in the back because you assume that he is honorable."

    How ordinary people hold grudges and how old vendettas play out in lawless times (something we have also discussed a time or three)-

    "I have seen people burning other people's houses, sometimes with people inside, just because they like that: They had an expression of joy and happiness on their faces, they wanted to do that for their whole life, but of course they did not have chance for that, simply because system was there to punish them hard even for trying to do similar things.

    But they did that and similar things when they realized that SHTF, and there is nobody to punish them.
    They enjoyed it.

    Do you want to be there when they realize that?"

    But wait, come on now, this can't be right!!! I read this fiction story where all the spoiled suburban yuppies all banned together with the one fat non starving "prepper" at the helm of the ship and everything worked out rosey dosey, he can't be right!!! LMAO. Reality is a female dog people!

    Freedoms and rights are disappearing-

    "But in terms of signs of a coming huge SHTF, keep in mind that when your freedoms and rights that are really important are taken away from you, the S is going to hit the fan soon.

    And again, probably it is going to happen gradually enough that the majority of folks will not go out on the street to fight for those rights."

    [I]But, but, but, "molon labe" and all that, even put the sticker on my car and gun case!!! My online friend JimDog47 who is 457 lbs. says he is ready to go and will be handling stuff day 1! So This can't be true!! [/I]LMAO Yes I'm being sarcastic as hell here folks!!! All "JimDog47" is going to "handle" is another Whopper value meal or three..... Don't expect 3/4 of the people that are talking crap on FB, putting up "molon labe" posts, etc. to do anything. They will find new hobbies... why, because this is just a HOBBY to them and when it's too dangerous they will find a new HOBBY.

    On "Why I missed the best time to bug out"

    "I simply did not see the signs..."

    "I assured myself that everything was gonna be OK in a short time."
    How many times have I mentioned people's reactions in this way???

    "And of course the media was there to tell us that everything gonna be fine, nothing was gonna escalate, etc."

    BOOOM! I'll drop that microphone now.... Just like after 9/11, people are going to be sitting around on their butts watching TV, listening to talking heads who's #1 INTEREST WILL BE TO KEEP PEOPLE CALM AND IN PLACE! And now with the internet more widespread, the truly non planning types will be posting on survival forums all over the net stuff like "what does the hive think, is it time to bug out?"

    You must already have YOUR line in the sand and trip wires in place and DO NOT vascillate on them! You don't need affirmation from a bunch of people you don't know on the net, you don't need a go ahead from some lying reporter or gubmint official who's main job then is to CALM YOU DOWN.

    Your ONLY GOAL is to make moves that will keep your family safe. Who gives a rat's behind about public opinion, what your broke, retarded friends think, what your drunk brother in law thinks, etc.

    If you take a "little vacation" and get out of a city and spend a few days or a week somewhere with your family and nothing happens, it's a win for you. If you take a little vacation and more happens and your not stuck in some crappy city that is going to helena handbasket, that's a win for you also.

    On groups and grouping up-

    "Note: There is a reason I always advocate building your group way before SHTF, because in that way you get to know folks that your LIFE MAY DEPEND ON WHEN SHTF" (emphasis mine)

    Been beating that drum for 30 years now. Too much work? Too much trouble? Yes but what's the alternative?

    So I'm not going to spoil the whole book for you, suffice to say it should be on your bookshelf between Tappan on Survival (the original classic) and The Bible, LOL. No but seriously, it's an excellent book and should be a huge wake up call for a lot of folks.

    Yes, we've been saying a lot of that stuff for years, but since 'Murica' hasn't had a full on collapse like this, people have often challenged some of these ideas while clamoring at ridiculous notions of banding together with system dependent unprepared people in subdivisions (many a survival fiction story has played this out) in a vain effort to avoid any real LIFESTYLE CHANGES that are necessary for long term survival. The answers are not as simple as making up easy scenarios that fit your lack of willingness to change.
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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    Thanks for the review. I ordered a copy today.

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    Thx Lowdown3,
    By the time I got to the bottom of page 21 and the reality connections it made by then, I knew the money spent for the book was a good investment.
    Much appreciated

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