November 2-3 "Armed Movement"- Southeastern Training Group range near Alma, GA

We live and we die by movement. Conventional "modern technique" stand in place, draw and hope to be quicker than an attacker who STARTED the action first does not play out well during force on force scenarios, proving it is highly lacking. In this class we will focus on movement skills and pistol handling necessary for survival.

This two day class focuses on both controlled and dynamic movement utilizing a pistol in a fight as well as working on one handed shooting to help with dynamic movement. Includes a section on movement and fighting on the ground as well.

Limited to TEN participants so as to maximize instruction and range time for all.

Optional "Pistol skills tune up" day on Friday- highly recommended if you haven't had any previous pistol training or if it's been a while.

Register before Sep 1st at just $200. for both days

After Sept 1st $250.00 for both days

Add the optional Friday "Pistol Skills Tune up" for just $50.00
November 2-3 Armed Movement class, Alma, GA

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This isn't the old west any more where two people in a gunfight stand in the center of the street and the fight is decided by who's quickest on the draw. That hasn't been relevant in over a 100 years, so why train your pistol skills that way??

Armed civilians today are usually fighting from a REACTIVE state, not a pro active state. And no matter how much "situational awareness" you believe you have, we are all regularly in situations where we could be easily put in a REACTIVE state during a fight. The movement and gun handling skills we will work on during this workshop will help in a reactive as well as a pro active situation.

Feel free to PM, email or call with any questions.