Many of you all that have tracked with me over the years know that Joel Skousen is one of my favorite authors and I think one of the few real deal survivalists left from back in the day.

Looking around on Amazon I noticed he had updated Strategic Relocation, his classic book and now you can get a DVD with it also. So of course I ordered it!

Skousen is one of the few authors out there that I really believe.

It's not BS sunshine and roses, it's not "sure you can live among 300,000 system dependent people and be ok if TSHTF." He's pragmatic, but polite.

The Secure Home is also one of his books, and one of the few that covers the real keys to survival- and it's got more to do with your house being a HOME- i.e, your family being squared away.

The DVD on Strategic Relocation is something he did in conjunction with Alex Jones. If you can get past Alex constantly interrupting Joel early on- "it's the GLOBALISTS trying to..." type stuff, then the DVD is great. After a while, someone seemed to have put a leash on Jones and told him to shut up. Then you get into the meat of stuff with Skousen. Skousen is a conspiracy guy also, but he comes off as intelligent and calm versus Alex Jones.

So don't believe the bad reviews of the DVD on Amazon, probably just representative of today's new "preppers" that want everything perfect, exactly their way and oh yeah the price should be free... Sigh...

I'm about mid way through the new edition of the book- the family is snagging it from me from time to time- and it's great. New info, charts, discussions of new threats that weren't in the 90's edition IIRC.

I'll post more when I'm done with it. Suffice to say it's more than just some BS prepper "where to move to" book.

As I have said in the past, ANYTHING that has Skousen's name on it, you want to read!