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    SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by Vox Day


    Though not strictly a survival book in the conventional sense,

    I personally witnessed what Vox disribes as 'convergence', happen to a UK Prepper forum I was a member of a few years ago...with eerie similarities.

    (Robert ConquestÂ’s Three Laws of Politics;
    2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.)

    There was the clique of 3 middle aged women who'd managed to get made moderators,

    As Vox says, these weren't your foaming at the mouth, purple haired millennials with guages in their ears,

    But very 'reasonable' and 'sensible', somewhat 'motherly' type ladies,

    And it was fair enough when they were locking threads on Mayan calenders and other such nonsense.

    Pretty soon however it became apparent their threshold for 'crazy talk' was incredibly low, or perhaps I should say selective.

    Thus talk of firearms in particular was implicitly discouraged, while they'd happily tolerate hundreds of whimsical, 'Hey look someone's selling an island in the south Pacific, wouldn't that make an excellent B.O.L!' Threads.

    Equally 'let's stick to preparedness, not politics' would almost always be applied to conservative viewpoints.

    The final straw for me came when a reletivly new member randomly announced he'd come out as gay to his wife and children, claiming bizarrely (... and you'll have to bear with me here) that he was somehow getting his ducks in a row incase the SHTF... Something like 'sorting things out while times are still good' ... The mind boggles.

    This was met by applause by the aforementioned mods, 'how brave!'

    Below however one particular member had taken unstandable exception to this and gave the guy both barrels, for a start, what an incredibly selfish thing to do...

    For pointing this out he was promptly banned.

    Now obviously this was just some little forum on the Internet, but rest assured the same story is being played out at corporations, professional associations, schools, universities..Churches even.

    As the author says they'll happily destroy these organizations rather than relinquish control not to mention the careers/reputation of anyone who gets in their way.

    Certainly a must read.

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    Well of course coming-out is the first move for preparedness, right?

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    Oh there's a 101 quips.. None really suitable for a family friendly forum...

    But it's everywhere?

    Over here, cops in big cities are routinely sent to join in gay 'pride' marches or the Notting Hill Carnival, which is a big Afro-Caribbean event in London, under the guise of 'community relations'.

    Occasionally the odd intrepid officer will have the audacity to point out that, this isn't a particularly productive use of police time... And end up getting investigated, probebly extra diversity training...

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    Good book, thanks for the recommendation. I recognize the traits in one of my extended family members.

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