After action report for Midnight Rendezvous 2020 held February 1st, 2020 at the SETG Range near Alma, GA

12 people from all over the country met up at noon on the 1st for a day and night of carbine and Night Vision training. 14 had registered but 2 had something come up last minute and had to cancel.

Everyone was on time at the rally point and the class got admin stuff done quickly and was on the firing range 30 minutes quicker than normal. Students hustling meant more range time for everyone which makes me happy and all the students as well.

We began with a brief intro on why the targets were set up they way they were on the square range and how we are striving to truly get people to scan better using these slightly unorthodox techniques. Lest someone looking at the targets think a drunken, dyslexic monkey posted them!

The demonstration began with showing a plyometric fighting stance and how that applied to carbine usage and the big advantages to using it versus blading the body. A good correct stance will assist with quick movement, rapid changes in movement as well as help with recoil management and a host of other issues. This was demonstrated with DRY (unloaded) weapons via several drills before we began shooting.

A big theme of the work both during the day and during the nighttime phase was scanning and movement.

Scanning was reinforced in every drill we did via various methods including visual stimuli which helped to making the "scanning" real versus just a gun range auto response.
We gradually built up throughout the day to include doing all the drills both right side and left handed. This caused some consternation at first but people quickly adapted to the reality of learning to work both sides. The goal should be not to have a "weak side" but to simply have a left and a right.

Movement drills included a basic forward movement drill as well as some more practical getting off the X angle drills. These included scanning for threats and engaging multiple targets while on the move looking for both individual targets called out as well as visual indicators of threats.

Gradually more skills were added in including a 360 scan at the end of each movement drill and a tac reload.

The daylight phase ended just a bit ahead of schedule with transfer drills showing several methods that were worked both live and dry. Positional changes were done via both shoulders and were also drilled extensively.

We took a break for dinner and to allow us to change targets at the square range as well as put out the camoflage targets for the final exercise- a "spot and shoot" exercise involving a two man team.

As night broke we alloted time in case anyone needed to zero any IR lasers. A couple people did just that and everyone got a chance to confirm zero with their IR laser before starting the night phase.

It was cold as a witch's heart... along with a heavy dose of humidity that didn't help, yet there was no whining or crying from any of the participants. Everyone worked hard through some ****ty conditions of cold and wind for almost 12 hours straight!

During the time at night on the square range we mirrored everything we did during the day again at night. In general everything went well although magazine changes seem to become slightly better than atrocious after dark. I believe participants were relaying too much on visual input for magazine changes than they should have. And this is something we will spend more time on at the class end of February.

Things moved quick with this group because everyone was pretty squared away as far as gear goes. No one seemed to have any serious equipment failures, which always helps speed along training.

The final exercise was done from the hill near the square range and involved spotting and engaging a total of 10 camoflaged targets in a buddy pair setup from the rise on the hill.
Just before it got fully dark I explained this exercise and there was a lot of grumbling about not being able to see the targets DURING THE DAY (they were camoflaged and SEMI hidden). This is the point of a spot and shoot. So we gave some "cheat codes" and while there was still some daylight, identified most of the targets. Wouldn't matter much in a few hours when it was dark if the cloud cover had continued. Later about 10pm the clouds broke which made the final exercise much easier identifying and engaging those semi hidden targets at ranges varying from 70 to 120 yards.

Tired and more than a little cold, we wrapped up the night after the final exercise and most everyone was out of the range area by about 11pm a little bit ahead of schedule.

It was a GREAT group of guys out training and I look forward to seeing many of them again in November. We make the event slightly different every time and next time we will be shooting longer distances, working corners and barricades and doing more pistol work. Thanks to everyone that attended and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

The class on the 29th has been sold out since mid October 2019 but NOVEMBER 14TH 2020 class dates have just been posted-

November 14th class is also filling up quick! EVERY single Midnight Rendezvous Event is slightly different and many come back to multiple classes.

Look forward to seeing you at training!