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    A month into the maelstrom!

    Well we are now a month into the busiest time we have had in 28 years of business.

    This makes the hay days of Y2K seem like a weekend at the beach.

    It hasn't slacked off much lately despite the fact that we are so far into it. It proves what I have always said about people waiting till the last minute then thinking they were the first to think about doing something.

    Lot of "wake up calls" for a lot of new "preppers" over the last month that just writing crap down on a "list" and making "lists of lists" isn't actually preparing. It's really just penmanship practice.

    Lot of lessons about TIMING also. We had the "salad days" as people call them of very cheap prices on ammo, guns, magazines, etc. Those went away in less than a 2 day span of time.

    Lots of coulda woulda shoulda's and I'm sure lots of "lists" that are just words on paper.

    True preparation takes ACTION, not just words on paper. Not just overly analytical years of "research" which usually just means reading marketing from people's websites.

    There is the time to pull the trigger, to take action on things- whether it's something simple like ordering some long term storage food or something more complex like moving away from the cities.

    Too often any more the "prepper" movement is really more a academic pursuit for people than something they actually take ACTION on and DO.

    A list of crap your never going to buy or do is MEANINGLESS. Someone else's (with different goals, location, etc.) "list" or "list of lists" is even more meaningless- because THEIR situation is different than YOURS.

    You have to think these things through YOURSELF. That means your needs, your families needs, your location long term logistics, etc. The thought process of doing this is more valuable than just having the "list" itself. It helps your mind acclimate to the idea of DOING these things more than just reading some regurgitated list of BS someone else wrote on the net.

    "But I'm new and don't know what to do!" I would argue that the basic survival instincts GOD gave all of us should get you started in the right direction. From there begin some thought on what situations may come up and what may be involved in that situation. Like the example I have used hundreds of times on the net and on radio over the decades-


    How do you heat your house in a survival situation?

    Options- passive solar, wood heat, LP, etc.

    Take each one and outline what's needed. Let's take wood. Quick list- quality stove or stoves, fireplace pipe, cap, all chimney assembly, backup for those, fireplace rope, spare parts for stove.
    Wood- shed for cut and split wood to dry in ideally at least a year, how are you going to cut wood? 2-4 Chainsaws of the same type, stabilized gas in storage, fuel mix, bar and chain oil, couple dozen chains, bars, sharpening tools and correct know how, spare parts for 2 of the 4 saws, safety equipment for cutting, efficient plan for cutting, splitting and stacking, labor for same, axes and mauls for splitting or gas powered woodsplitter for huge labor savings, spare parts for same, plenty of stabilized gas, hydraulic, filters, etc. for wood splitter........

    This is just a quick "off my head" list to get your mind rolling. Many of you are now more focused on the "list" than the bigger message- I got ya

    Every daily need in a survival situation requires some sort of plan and usually an accompanying logistics train- like above. The 'simple' act of heating your home isn't so simple when you look at it this way.


    Cue up your MIND not just reading someone's "list." A good example regarding the wood issue above would be if I said we get by down here on 1 to 2 cords max a year. Someone above the Mason-Dixon line would probably DIE in a mild winter with that little amount of wood.

    So YOUR NEEDS need to be outlined and figured out by YOU, no one else.

    We have farmed out the process of thinking to others for way too long in the survival movement- and in general life as well. The results aren't pretty and they will be worse as conditions worsen.

    Start today not just with the "what" but with the "how" and "why." It's just like all these idjits that years ago (and some still unfortunately) who promoted all these ridiculous ideas about DIY food storage including using handwarmers, pop bottles, party balloons, etc. NONE of them got the "WHY" because none of them had LIVED off their food storage for long periods of time and truth be told, few of them probably ever thought they actually would have to, or they wouldn't have done dumb stuff like that.

    We have to understand the "WHY" as much as the "WHAT." The "HOW" is also lacking in new preppers. The "How" involves actually DOING stuff, not just reading about it on the net, printing reams of articles and misc. BS or having "thumb drives with data stored" on how to survive. Reference materials? SURE. Folks you should see the thousands of books, videos, DVDs etc. I have in several dwellings. But just having the reference material without ever trying the skills? That's useless, and usually worth than useless because it often gives a FALSE SENSE OF CONFIDENCE.

    False confidence will get you killed.

    We got to start thinking for ourselves and we have to start ACTING on the things we need to do.

    50 lbs. overweight? Don't research 50 different diets and keto this paleo that south beach the other. Just cut your calories. Your weight in lbs. X 13= the maximum calories you should take in on a daily basis. Cut 500 calories from that daily and in a week you will lose 1 lbs. Cut 1,000 calories from that daily and you'll lose 2 lbs. a week. How do I know this? I did just that over a decade ago and went from 220 to 175 in a little over 4 months.

    Need to get better at a certain skill? Get out and work on it. Don't be afraid to seek a professional and get instruction from them. "But there is no one in my backyard to help me and it's a 15 minute drive to..." Really?? You must not want it bad enough.

    The S is real now folks. It's not some scenario to "research" and maybe buy a few paper masks for. It's here, it's now. You need to ADAPT to that reality. Make the switch.


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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    How do you kill a keyboard commando who reads all the sights and articles and has their lists very fine tuned?

    You drop the internet and cell phones.

    LMAO but true.

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    Quote from LD3 "We have farmed out the process of thinking to others for way too long in the survival movement- and in general life as well. The results aren't pretty and they will be worse as conditions worsen."

    This is so true. "Where do burgers come from...uh, Publix of course". "I couldn't buy any ground beef, get frozen burgers and crumble them...unless you have freeze dried beef crumbles". Kids don't know how to shoot or clean a firearm because Dad's were snowflakes and didn't show them and practice with them. People didn't study history and definitely didn't listen to their grandparents who lived thru hard times. Well, wake up little snowflake or die....
    Protecting the sheep from the wolves that want them, their family, their money and full control of our Country!

    Guns and gear are cool, but bandages stop the bleeding!

    ATTENTION: No trees or animals were harmed in any way in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were really ticked off!

    NO 10-289!

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    From that liberal video titled "Liberal Preppers".

    Maybe when all this is over there won't be any liberals or conservatives, there'll just be people?


    dead liberals.

    Always liked that one.

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