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    load up our vehicles and go...

    that line over in ? gen discussion ? i forget where... by i forget who?/ PSD...
    anyhow, it
    , got my attention...

    the bm has hit the fan... already done in most of the nations largest cities..

    and you've decided it's time to "head out" to your "hidey hole in idaho"
    or tennessee, s.ga. idehoe, whereever...

    it happens today, 7-31-20...
    my household needs to bug out... probably can't come back...

    intentions of landing about 6 hours away... use your own numbers. i thought i could go to cousins up the way about 2 hours, but the bm has already burnt most of that town. the interstates are blocked in atlanta... the police are letting folks deal with the bm all by their lonesomes..

    back to the question... purpose of the post... how much transportation have i (you) got at the house right now...? what is your loadout capacity? forget about your trucks gvwr... that aint the concern... well it is, but we aren't real concerned with legalities right now...
    how much of my (your) precious stuff can i haul. just pretending the below... think what if this is what i've got,
    i've got a
    tractor, compact size, about 50 hp.
    trailer. low boy style tandem 2 3500# axles 18' with ramps no side rails..
    one 1/2 ton 4 door truck
    one small suv.
    one small gas motorhome..
    one small runabout on a tandem trailer.
    2 drivers,

    how much stuff do i (you) take?
    what vehicles do i take?
    what stuff do i load?

    a few initial thoughts/comments to get you considering your situation.
    i'd like to take the tractor on the trailer... truck gvwr just maxed out... but still lots of space on the trailer and in truck.
    i could take the boat and pile it full of stuff... that would look somewhat normal...
    or i could dump boat in the yard, increasing trailer space and capacity by boat size and about 4000#
    the low boy trailer is going.
    do we take the camper or the suv? only 2 drivers...
    do you load out the bb guns and hunting, camping stuff, or the storage food?
    the boat will be useless at destination.. easy to load. just run up and dump stuff over the side.
    we have a few big metal cabinets. if i dumped the boat... i could use the tractor loader to drop a few cabinets on the boat trailer... they could be laid on trailer frame fairly easily. sure would draw attention. look funny...
    computers and tvs? appliances? sofa's?
    the wife wants to take her special china and all the pots/pans/dishes... she has trouble understanding the need to leave now!! in one or 2 hours.
    i want to take all the tools, gasoline containers, diesel containers,
    the questions continue...

    one of our options is a small farm... if we headed there, it's close enough that by morning. we could drive a tractor there. but there are only 2 drivers... something big would have to stay... !! what if we had 2 tractors... one tractor pulls the trailer with other tractor on it. that would mean only one vehicle heads out.. motorhome, small suv or pickup? which one? mh or pickup could pull the boat trailer!

    all the choices and options...

    yall know i made up this whole story... we live in a high rise condo in a big city, so there wouldn't be any boats, motorhomes, tractors...
    all we've got is one prius compact and some mountain bikes...
    but i know some folks that might have the collection i mentioned above!
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    One Prius with a range of 400+ miles on the always full tank - moderate cargo space so I could take storage food, water, firearms, legal papers safe, 2 laptops, but not much ammo
    One full-size pickup truck with a range of about 400 miles. It can carry a lot more but the tonneau cover doesn't lock, so no stopping over.
    One 36' motorhome - 600-800 mile range on flat terrain, lots of storage for everything and great for boondocking. No towbar (coming soon) but would need to pull the truck with the Prius following (not good to tow), and the range would be seriously reduced.

    Now we have 3 loaded vehicles, going where? Still looking for some land a bit north of FL - thinking NE GA, NW SC, SW NC. My brother has a couple hundred acres with a cabin in NY, but that's a trip that could never happen. For now, we stay home, with a total of about 150 gal of gasoline, (2) 20# propane tanks plus (1) 80# propane tank in the mh. Good well, lots of bottled water, 40 gal water tank in the mh. Let's hope it doesn't come to that but a Republican win in November is almost a guarantee of massive unrest.

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    I'll try to find a pic of my truck loaded to take the family to Arena for a long range shooting weekend. There was NO room in the back of the truck after guns, ammo, couple packs and misc. long range shooting gear was put in. Probably only a dozen weapons (most cased) and the cases are the size problem.

    This was just "some" weapons- mostly longer range shooting shooting plus each of the family's principal AK's (X3), couple misc. weapons (ARs and M1As), etc.

    Because it was a training weekend trip we didn't pack much food, only a few changes of clothes, etc.

    The point was- just some of the weapons most of us have will likely take up large volumes of room during this sort of thing.

    What's your plan for those 4 other safes full of weapons? LOL. Seriously though. Leaving them means you are arming bad guys. Got to have a plan.

    God gave you two hands. Pull the bolts from the sixty other locker queens you aren't using and stash them somewhere different from the safe or that area. When you have to abandon ship or get overrun in the cities, at least you won't be arming a ton of the bad guys with better weapons.

    If it was a bug out, I would definitely went lighter on weapons, but the point of the post was relating to how many EXTRA weapons so many of us have.

    Your average "prepper" has too many weapons they aren't really familiar with, too much ammo that they never shoot in training (cause they don't train regularly) and many live in areas that could be easily overrun (cities). This makes the average 'prepper' a resupply point for the bad guys.

    Sad reality.

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    that picture of a loaded pickup would be an eye opener... maybe you could show it, assuming the tag was covered... maybe someone else had similar gear and you could show that picture?

    60!! locker queens.. wow! someone really made an investment!

    so, back to original question...
    let's play this example as part of the formula...
    1 pickup. = 12 rifles, back packs for a week couple of small tents, camping gear... 1 case of ammo per long gun.
    - room for 6 handguns stuck in the empty holes, between the sleeping bags and the tents and tarps.
    -1 case of ammo per weapon.
    - rear seat of truck loaded with clothes and personal items, vests, computers, a few days of food.
    - a few buckets, small amount of tools and building basics, nails, screws, plywood, 2x framing boards of random sizes a few gallons of paint.
    several 5 gallon fuel containers.
    that pickup is loaded. i left some space you say... ok.. throw the roto tiller, the camping table, extra tool box(es) in. truck bed is sagging.. plywood on sides is acting as side bodies.. hmm... that would be a good idea... make up some plywood side bodies before the bugout! as a kid we kept side bodies handy, especially when it was time to haul a calf to the butcher , or go pick up another couple of calves or horse... bringing back ole memories.

    oh man, that brings up a question... what if,, you had a milk cow. a goodun.. would you spend the space to bring ole betsy with you... yep, she won't fill up all the truck bed, but she'll poop on everything in there. beef on the hoof? i say leave the cow. maybe just maybe you will get to come back for another load. and, getting that cow into the rear of a pickup will take longer than you think... at least it did our family when i was a young teen.

    of course, maybe you've got a huge covered cattle trailer. and a one ton truck. and 4 drivers and ... lots of vehicles and trailers. yeah... a big renegade with 20k+ towing capacity....!

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    the bm hit the fan...except in this little story it was the wind!!

    an associate sold a used motorhome to a fellow in lake charles la.... this spring..
    lake charles associate heard a big wind was coming... so he threw some extra gear into his motorhome and took off...
    left town, skeedaddled, ran, scooted off down the highway ahead of the wind... he has now **** his way back to lake charles.... his house is gone... no electric power in area.

    because he skeedaddled, he and wife are ok. they have cooking ability, bath and a half... 70 gallons of water, 7kw generator. sleeping quarters, 2 hvac and furnaces. large refrigerator with freezer... tv's satellite.

    and a mess. getting through this is much more manageable because of his mh purchase...

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    I would assume he wants to stay there and protect anything that is left, but if things are dicey there, he may be best to take that mh and stay somewhere else for a while for safety reasons. Depending on the situation, he needs to look at how long his fuel will last for the mh and genny as well as potable water. Might be best to stay someplace close that has water and electric as it may take a while to get things back to some normalcy.

    Wish him the best....
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