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    satellites, antennas, portability

    elsewhere i've posted about difficulties with dish tv problems... and service, but in the meantime,

    the following involves getting a tv signal from dish, using both a ground mount and a portable, unit brand name tailgater.

    i've met some real smart installers. (and i expect the youngsters amongst us already know all this and could explain it better. i hope they do)

    as an example:
    the flood is coming and you are bugging out for your rural hideout. unhook your dish antennae, grab your receiver and a length of the connecting wire. then when you get to your cabin, you can reinstall said items and keep your incoming info stream... the secret is finding a spot that you can aim the antenna and let it connect to the satellite.. two comments, what i've thought is that in our area the satellites are "due south."
    i learned today that in our area some of the best are south/southwest.
    finding the satellites can be a problem... unless...
    you've got a Tailgater.. ( brand name for a small dome shaped antennae that looks for the satellite. actually the dome is just the housing for an antennae that is rotated by a small motor. )
    3+ years ago, i bought a used one, manufactured in 2015. put it in a barn, and it hasn't been used since.
    following a conversation with a fellow, today, i disconnected the ground mount and connected the tailgater.
    i set it out in the open with no tall trees or barns nearby. it found 2? satellites to the south/southwest all on it's lonesome... i used a receiver that dish already knew about and **** no calls to dish to validate/authenticate it's use...

    next effort... dish is advertising that they can provide "blazing fast internet." i don't know how they do that.. but hoping that it is through the same satellites? anybody knowledgeable out there?

    i've seen a few deals offerred by campers... they are selling their camper and selling the antennae, receiver, wiring etc... for a cheap price. at campgrounds, i've seen folks set up homeowner type antennas. but primarily they have the tailgater types...
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    The Dish internet installer used a little device must have been a signal strength type meter and he moved it's orientation to where the unit beeped then locked it in place.

    This is JUST internet so it might be different for tv.

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    manual dish install as done today has to be able to see and report on 3 satellites.
    Plus a temporary adapter at your receiver along with the alignment device
    Once setup, the adaptor and the alignment device gets pulled.
    Costs some money but I'm glad I picked them up.

    The rv/tailgater automatic tracking unit is nice.
    Now you got me looking for one. LOL

    Actually, what I did at the ranch was got a dish setup and mounted permanently and ran the cable.
    So I just grab the receiver and take it up there.
    This may have changed but at the ranch with a full time receiver, it's gotta have electricity for checking with mama.
    if I wasn't up there for two weeks and then went back up, I had to call via phone and reauthorize the receiver.
    it was easy but if the cellular didn't connect, it got very upsetting.
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    I'd like to get a Tailgater but I already know my husband is going to choke when he sees the grocery bill

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    As long as he doesn't choke while eating those groceries.
    I suspect he'll appreciate the ability to actually HAVE CHOW.

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    Oh yeah - eating is one of his favorite pastimes! We're in no danger of starving...but I did order some Hoppes cuz I'm almost out

    Going to pick up some Parmalat when I go to get milk this week. I don't know where I'll put it, but I'll find a tiny space somewhere!

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