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    i can't weld.... can you?

    not really wanting a personal response..
    but, just thinking...

    a few years back someone was adding some ballistic resistant panels to their truck...
    i forgot the details... but... assuming he did... think of the benefit in a BM attack and rifle/ handgun shells could not penetrate the doors of your truck... or enter the back of your cab...

    side story... sorry... i'll try to tell it in short order... a fellow was staying with his sweetie and she had snakes in her head... she hadn't been friendly so he was sleeping on the sofa.. she got mad... invited him to her bedroom. he tried to be friendly... she went fruitcake on him so he's back to the sofa.. this repeats multiple times.. he has to get to work early so needs his sleep... finally, he gets a few clothes and keys and heads to his truck... she's shouting, and he says going to mom's, i need some sleep. she grabs her pistol and starts shooting... bullet holes in rear window on both sides of his head. and a couple in the tailgate/cab. neighbors called police "shooting incident" boyfriend heads straight to police station... sweetie tells police, "i just wanted to talk to him, so i shot some warning shots." in course of my work, i met with her afterwards.. she had tattoos of snakes crawling up her legs... !! she started smiling, i've got a mobile home and its' paid for! more to the story, but enough to say that a bullet proof rear window or shield could save your life... sweetie is not the only fruitcake with evil snakes in their heads. actually, i think sweetie was a pretty good shot! boyfried says he was way down the driveway when the shots hit!! and he reports pedal to the metal!!

    back to my question.. wondering.. if someone wanted to add some protection to their car/truck.. what have you heard that some folks have done...
    i have a thin aluminum? tool box in my truck... i don't think it would stop much.

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    go to sportsman's guide and buy the deals on flak, anti-stab vest and maybe some with plates. Italian are the most current.

    Most folks hang them over the back of the front seats.
    front of the vest facing backwards. Gives you pockets on the back of the seat as well.

    Produces more layers between you and what's coming in at high velocity thru the rear of your vehicle.

    Cheap and effective.

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