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    Your pronge type flash suppressor works well

    Have a Griffin flash hider/suppressor attachment on the front of one of my BCMs. It is one of the prong type flash hiders that have become popular over the years.

    Many have speculated on the damage they would do if used for a "muzzle thump" for close range work.

    Found out, accidentally...

    Using a sling I'm not very used to yet, I was demonstrating a transition to pistol technique this weekend. The sling was looser than I thought it was. Throwing the rifle over for the transition the prong connected via gravity with the upper part of my calf.

    Yes the prong worked, two days later and I still have a slight limp.

    This was simply gravity and a good angle. The injury was hardly debilitating but I definitely took notice of it.

    A "muzzle thump" with some force to the upper chest area- I'm convinced now that done right this could definitely cause some injury. The throat area I'm guessing it would likely glance off but that hollow spot right below the throat would make a good target. Maybe PSD can jump in and give the medical name for that area. As an aside most people's armor seems to ride right to below that, which could help as an aiming reference and could facilitate via glancing off of that- in the same manner rounds skip over hoods of cars on the right angle.

    Just some random thoughts while I'm limp a little LOL.

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    If you are talking about the space between the clavicles, that is the jugular notch. And yes, aim there and hit there with a hider/suppressor will likely put someone down. It you aim at the top of the plates, especially if you are tip up, it should glance off the plate and slide right where it would not meet much resistance.
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