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    I immediately thought the Boys moving from GME to AG was an attempt to stop the GME game.

    Some folks bought it, many GME folks didn't.

    Interesting, Paper silver went up and down but amazingly, my street sources tell me instead of under $30, if you go to buy a 1oz american mint silver you're going to pay over $43.

    Paper versus reality.

    American's aren't stupid but they're ignorant when it comes to silver and gold.

    IF you plan on silver to barter with, it won't take very long for everybody to wake up and being used to US coinage in daily transactions, they'll take pre 64 us coins cause it won't take long to learn that those are REAL silver.

    The old adage from throughout time of "If you can't touch it, you don't own it" !!!!!

    AND right after I posted this, I ran across the ZH article reinforcing what I said
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