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    Ascertain the realities of the scenario

    Let's speculate a bit on the possible scenario of new gun bans.

    How will they come about, how drastic will they be?

    What approach will you take to this? No "one" solution will likely fit everyone's plans.

    It will not be "it" on Day 1 of it folks, understand that.
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault your poor?"

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    if biden pursues what he said he would do...
    i anticipate a multiple level program

    level 1... we want to buy back certain guns to get these evil guns off the streets.

    level 2... we only bought back xx,000. and know that there are more... if you have one of the following weapons, you may keep it but you must register it and obtain a tax stamp on it and every magazine that you have that is capable of holding x rounds of ammunition. this shall be named, "honest citizen protection program."

    level 3... many people have not registered their certain guns... you have 90 days to complete registration and tax stamp process or you may participate in our save the children program and sell your certain guns back at our gun retrieval locations at a branch near you.

    level 4... we have had unsatisfactory success in getting various portions of our society to participate in our "save the children program" or in our "honest citizen protection" program... we know that these programs have the support of all clear thinking and honest citizens across our dear land... in order to help you and your neighbors achieve the benefit of a freedom loving society, we will be rewarding any citizen who reports a potential felon to the atf or local law enforcement. a financial reward will be made for each illegal weapon we are able to remove from the streets... remember our slogan. " safety for all " and "be an honest citizen... rewards for honest citizens will be presented by your congressmen on a monthly basis... reports can be made anonymously if you choose. those who achieve high participation will be recognized and compete for even higher bonus payments at quarterly honest citizen celebrations.... free monthly supplies of "smoking material" and a $500 cash card redeemable at any grocery provider
    are provided immediately to all honest citizen to aid in their tranquility unity meetings in appreciation of their support to der fadderlan.

    celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.... somewhere i read that a college student played in a rock band with his "bass staccato" which he carried in his guitar case!.. 2 brownie points to the member who can i.d. that story.

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    Easily understood.
    Just read how National Socialist Germany did it
    Stalin's Turn in your guns for the "Public Good".

    That's who these people are and they are NOT very visionary.
    They just do what the commies before them did.

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    I think that Rockriver is spot on in his analysis, maybe not in that particular order but he's right none the less.

    They will try to get as many people to register as they can, then buybacks (how can you buy something BACK that you never owned) when the buybacks don't have the desired results they will threaten fines and jail time. Lastly (and the worst) they will pay snitches for info.
    That will suck the most because no matter how far in the sticks that you live you won't be able to shoot because of sorry scumbags snitching you out for their 30 pieces of silver.
    And if I hear another moron say "I lost all my guns in a terrible boating accident" I'm gonna punch em!

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    In case of emergency, use this:
    boat accident.jpg

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