a close associate and spouse are both ex military officers.

for years he put down the survival mindset .
he joined another forum that i recommended and very quickly decided (right or wrong) that too many keyboard commandos and too much talk and most of concerns were not valid anyway.... drifted away into the sunset..
moved into a high $$ fancy gated community.

then suddenly reported he was moving to the mountains.. i haven't been there but pictures look like remote north georgia mountains area did 40 years ago... very small cabin up a dirt road.. then added substantial garage and updated cabin and a green house and generator. getting involved with neighbors. bought a truck, atv. associate got involved with local politics, and was a poll monitor (i forgot proper title) has been buying defensive tools.

so today i get an email. "we are at abcd (well known shooting facility) doing the xx training." this is educational and real fun. bride has agreed to come back for the YY training. she loves it." he has started donating $$ to some conservative and christian organizations.

i think there is a new convert out there. lol... i wish they lived closer, but mighty glad to see the change..