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    a tale about some dyno mite... trying to top bossman's cross up with the police!

    this tale follows ld's tale about him all bloody and confronting the police over in the armory section.

    mom and dad moved to the country when dad got out of the military and i was a littlun..
    dad went to work clearing a pasture and had lots of big ole stumps... so he went down to the hardware store and got himself a couple of cases of dyno mite!
    i was too little to help or know about it..
    he had one case left, so he put it in the garage under the shelf to have it for a rainy day, when he'd need it again.
    as i and bros. got old enough to help, something was always needed sharpenin'.
    where was the grinder? on the shelf right above the box of dyno... i
    this heah was a good place for it, cause you could put your foot on the box and it would help you brace as you sharpened the swing blade, hoe, ax or whatever.
    dad made it real clear for us boys to not bother that box of dynomite cause it might set off, and there wouldn't be none of us left to find, and so there wouldnt be no funeral or grave site for folks to visit. and that was a pretty good garage, and he didn't want all of mom's vegetables and fruit she'd put up blown up... we'd worked real hard getting those jars filled, not counting hoeing weeds and picking beans and maters, pears and peaches. a few of you fellas have met me, and i'm the littlest of us boys, so you can know eatin' was somthin we was proud to do...
    we disobeyed our parents on occasion, much to our sorrow, oncet we was found out, but none of us messed with that there dynomite... you just propped on it, looked at it, and went to grinding wondering why the other brother had left the ax in such bad shape.

    as the years went by the grindings off all those tools began to build up around the box of dynomite... you couldn't look at the pile of filings growing but they grew.
    us boys growed up, found us wives and went off from home, coming back occasional and still did some grinding if it was needin to be done, while we was home.

    one year, dad bought a lot up north of town and started building a cabin, as money allowed... in the meantime, things was spreading out from town and their home wasn't in the country no more... one year a real estate man came by and asked dad what he wanted for his place, and a lady bought it. if you ever drove down the big freeway through jawja, you passed pretty close to the homeplace... anyhow, back to the story.

    mom and dad were preparing to move, and dad suddenly remembered the case of dynamite.. he worked with some smart fellas and at coffee break one day, he asked what he should do with it. them guys asked how long the dynamite had been sitting there, (then asked you have been rotating that stuff a few times each year haven't you?"
    dad's long pause, answered the question for them!

    in the meantime mom, being the proper Church lady she was, was having her weekly bible study at the house, for ladies from the Church and a few others she knew. those ladies would all dress up. nearly as nice as sunday, get their biggest bible and go to meeting. well, get this picture, all these ladies were pulling in to the house getting ready for bible study, and coffee and sharing and praying. maybe even singing a spiritual hymn or two... when all of a sudden.

    here comes police on motorcycles, leading sheriff department cars and trucks and this big ole army looking truck with a trailer behind it with a big ole dome. followed by more sheriffs and polices and army fellas. as the ladies are watching, wondering what mr. and mrs. RR have been up to... fellas in space suits get out of the truck and head for the house and garage... some church ladies were in the house, but some were still in the yard...
    dad had not told mom about calling the local military post (where he was doing part time service) and the local sheriff's dept!!

    the fellas in the space suits chipped away all of the filings around the case, and carefully placed the case of dynomite carefully in the dome trailer and left..

    so. this tale comes to an end... no blood. no explosion. no blown up jars of maters, beans, squashes, pears.
    some scared little ole ladies.

    ladies and gents, your turn!

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    That's a great story!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwdnet View Post
    That's a great story!!
    surely was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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