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Thread: Amazon sidewalk

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    Amazon sidewalk

    For those who may have Ring Security, Amazon Echo, make sure you read the latest info about Amazon Sidewalk. Some see it as a security flaw waiting to happen.


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    Can't see any problems with this... These products are designed to make our lives easier! Don't answer your door and be a human, just look at your phone and ignore the door is it's Aunt Mable.

    And I damn sure can't be bothered to look something up in some archaic old collection of pages that no one has in their homes anyways, and since it's such a big deal to type and do a search for info, it's WAAAY easier to just say "Alexa, can cats eat pancakes?" Cause you don't want to accidentally kill Fluffy.

    Life is soooo hard now a days, we NEED these stupid devices just to be able to function. I mean Alexa even lets me know when Sally Sue and Jimbo liked my facebook posts! I would like have to like pick up my phone or something to know that- that's hard work!

    Sarcasm off-

    And hell I remember ranting in the early 90's when you would call information (411) on your phone and they offered to "connect you to that number for $.25" and I ranted about how that was a stupid waste of money and how it was going to make people lazy LOL. Now today we have "meal delivery services" so you don't even have to be bothered to drive through crapdonalds for your processed "nourishment".

    I still have that quarter from not using the "we can connect you to that number for an additional $.25" service.
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    I use my cell for calls and texts. That's all. Family and friends look at me funny when I don't have " {fill in the blank} app" on my phone. I saw a report a couple of nights ago about a 3rd party banking app that has been hacked. "It's so easy to be able to access all of your bank and card info at your fingertips." Hackers were able to hack phones, empty accounts without the person or bank knowing it until it was too late.

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    I have a Ring camera that pre-dates Amazon involvement, and no Alexa or other cute devices. As such, my Ring app has no "Sidewalk" to opt out of.

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