Yep, just stopping by to say Hi to the S&PF regulars and say all is good on the very busy, lots of new adventures, Rmplstlskn life... Been an interesting last several years. Virginia and their mobacracy government upsurped the rural Virginians and made it clear by their gun laws that I was no longer welcome. So in summer 2020 I moved back to Florida, an Alamo state that still has freedom and liberty in her blood. Could no longer deal with higher education BS, so started a boat canvas and upholstery business here in Florida. Doing amazing so far! Hardest problem is finding people who know how to do industrial sewing and patterning. Protus looking for a new job? lol! But very busy, so not much time for forum fun. Lots of boats in my area, as is deep pockets for those amazingly large center console beasts.

Continuing to work out by biking on the beaches here, yes, actually on the beach at water line. Love it! Beautiful sunset bike rides. Occasionally get time to take boat out for fishing and family cruising. Still kayaking too! Lost more weight, but a steady decline, slower progress. Feeling good, but age is still a beeeeaaach!

Regulars can IM if you want new contact info.

For Life, Liberty, and Property,