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    With all the conflicts with antifa, etc, why are people NOT doing the obvious thing?

    Looking at all the yelling screaming middle finger waving resulting in flags or hats grabbed, pushing and hitting.

    Never seems to accomplish anything.

    What makes sense to me is if the good folk used the ultimate technique to actually strike back at the brown shirt equivalents they would have a massive effect.

    What's that ultimate technique?


    No matter what they do, don't get close to them and laugh loudly at whatever they yell or wave in your face.

    These are youngsters and they can't handle humiliation.

    Oh, they'll get aggressive because they can't handle humiliation but when the entire crowd of good folks are laughing and pointing fingers at them, it will have an effect the idiots never thought about.

    Saw a security guy messing with an older lady for some nonsense.
    I yelled "look at the bozo" and pointed at him and then I broke out in loud horse laughing.

    I kept it up and kept pointing and others started laughing.
    Didn't take long, the guy couldn't handle being laughed at, gave up and walked off.

    Humiliating laughter can solve a lot of problems

    So humiliate them by loudly laughing at them.

    Don't forget to point your index finger at them all the while.

    That's my 2 cents worth.

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    The problem with poking fun at Antifa/BLM is that some of them are pretty aggressive. While the bored-after-spending-the-last-year-in-mommy's-basement types might be humiliated enough to go home and throw darts at pictures of conservatives, the more aggressive types are liable to respond with increased violence. Make fun all you want but be prepared to do more than point fingers and laugh...

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    Pass out cigars to the cops that are there and then stand close to them HAHAHAHAHA!

    But as you said, check six and watch your buttola

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