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    south africa rioting

    i first posted in antifa thread... then realized i was getting off topic..
    trying to move those posts.

    i'm cutting my tv time way down... so i was not aware ...
    of what was going on in south africa...


    i watched a couple of videos from s.a.
    those shotguns sounded funny. a couple of newsfolks said the police were shooting rioters... but then one news lady says the police are shooting rubber bullets!.

    i'm wondering what has to happen before police/army use cartridges that have lead instead of rubber.

    not sure i heard it correctly, but appears that there was a rule that citizens could only have 200 rounds in their house... and that some of the citizens were about to run out of ammo.
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    THIS is what's going to happen in Amerika.

    Looking at some of that info reminded me of all these misguided new "preppers" back in 2007-2009 that had just joined the bandwagon and then went on to say how wrong us old timers were about how things would play out.

    They told us how no one was going to riot or act a fool... that everyone would "pull together" as Amerikans, grow victory gardens, eat a whole roll of cookie dough together and then snuggle..

    I- and others like Protus- were attached by those neophytes who threw their stinky baby diapers our way and cried that we were just some old survivalists that hadn't realized the world had changed and everything was loolipops and marshmallows.

    Course most of them lasted about six months in preparedness anyway, before they found other "hobbies" as an outlet for their OCD demons.

    Watch this SA mess well folks, this is probably the closest to how things could play out in the US. Hell, depending on where you live in the US you might have already seen it play out like this...

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    Yep, fer shur,
    Thought I was looking at chicongo or seattle or portland for a bit,
    Then realized it was more like Watts back when.
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