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    economic evaluations

    i came to this site reading, looking for econ advice.

    here's the deal.. we've been saving.. to increase our $$ trying to learn about stocks, bonds, vs, dollar bills in a buried can,
    vs. hard goods vs food, a bb gun. bandaids. etc.

    on a trip yesterday i stopped to get some tractor parts and the guy has a small 4 year old tractor. a few scratches, just a basic unit.
    got me to thinking...
    in today's economic situation..
    what if, you had some bbb some rainy day savings... all the things that we discuss/debate...

    where is a good place to invest? i think the answer is ... fill in the gaps.
    that 33 hp tractor could do a lot of work. and even if the stock market crashes and the retirement fund goes belly up and the local bank locks their door. .
    that compact tractor would still be there. everyone wants a 4wd and lots of hydraulics. this tractor ain't got all that, so the price is low.
    what's better .. cigar box full of green backs, a few tubes of silver coins, 200 shares of the latest tech stock, or a compact tractor that could do lots of work

    i sure do want to go get me a little tractor to park here at the condo!

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    be ready to act if you see a deal..
    i saw tractor mentioned above late monday. it was a recent trade in.

    and have been reading reviews, specs etc.. confirming it would do what i need.
    and convinced that the price was real good!
    so, i called this morning to get a little more info, and see if i could get better price...

    i waited too long. tractor was delivered yesterday (wednesday)
    and, the dealership was very busy. and this was a kubota dealer...
    in our corner of the world , the JD are the most popular because we're in rural ag area.

    but pretty obvious, lots of folks buying the compact sizes that kubota is famous for... that is a good sign!

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