a few years back store had a very large bolt cutter on sale...
the biggest one they had... i didn't need, but always love a sale.
never used it, till yesterday...
i needed to cut some electric line that was discarded.
one line of several (6? ) strands of aluminum?
2 lines of insulated 5?) strands of aluminum?
so.. 3 strands of twisted wire that sent electricity to a building...
i think this stuff is out of favor today.

anyhow i kept breaking the rope (i think i bought it from a camper at a campout with some other fellows about 10 years ago) i was using the rope to keep a tree from falling in the wrong place.
and thought the electric line might work. it definitely did not work.

but, the bolt cutter tool., snapped all 3 lines in one easy cut...
bottom line, if you don't have a big ole bolt cutter, you may want to get one.

the thing is heavy. i would not want to carry it around on a long walk. except for .. in case there was a big ole cable at the end of my trip that needed cutting.
i think it had a 42 on the handle.. that is probably the length.